Tuesday, September 2, 2008


If any of you have been listening the past week or two, the couple times that Francesa has actually come to work, including the now infamous disasterous Bar A show, Mike has repeatedly mentioned the “new” show that would be premiering after he returned from vacation. Not to be confused with any of the solo shows Mike has done without Russo since he bolted for SIRIUS, this “new” show would be completely different. First off, there would be a new jingle. Secondly, there would be a new name for the program. Thirdly, there would be some new on-air personalities. Not a co-host. Mike made it perfectly clear that he would NEVER again have a co-host. But he would be willing to perhaps share Wednesdays at 3 with Bruce from Bayside. We heard over and over again about the debut of this “new” show. Well, this whole idea that Mike Francesa is going to come on the air today or even next week and debut a brand new entity is something that I just can’t go too crazy about. I mean, let’s face it folks. When you strip away the new jingle, when you strip away the new name, when you strip away the occasional new guest spot, you are left with Mike Francesa talking sports for five and a half hours a day, five days a week (except of course in the summer). See what I’m getting at? Francesa/Mark Chernoff/WFAN is trying VERY hard to excite the audience about a new product. A new show. A new Francesa. But at the end of the day, what really is going to be different? Is Mike suddenly going to come prepared to work? Is he all of a sudden going to display unseen humility? Will the big man start respecting callers? Will we never hear a dismissive “uh-huh” again right before Mike tries to tee off on said caller? Me thinks not. Me thinks we are in store for the same exact Mike Francesa. Me thinks Chernoff is terrified of this and thus all the new bells and whistles that are on tap. You know what I say to Francesa’s new show? Talk to me in December.

In the words of Colonel Jessep, here's how I see it:

I can deal with the new names, and the new jingles and the new guest spots. I can deal with no more YES slit screens and the stress and the fear of your solo show. I don’t want Benigno and I don’t want Roberts. What I want is for you Mike to sit there in that faggoty YES studio, with your Long Island accent, extend me some fuckin’ courtesy. You gotta ask me nicely if I want a new show.


bigjf said...

AHAHAHAHAHAAHA! The exact same freaking song!

bigjf said...

Will be called Mike'd Up. Great call guys, the show is as lame as we thought it would be. And clearly this is the first he's heard of the song, so it shows how much work he did in the last 2 weeks.

gutty44 said...

"Mike'd Up"? It should be called "Becked Up" given how infrequently it seems that Mike actually hosts the show!!

Re: the "acrimony" between Mike and the Dog...Didn't they (and doesn't everyone) understand that, in most cases, one was arguing the "yin" and the other, the "yang"? And that it was almost always very entertaining? Maybe they just needed separate vacations on different continents (and I don't mean Chris Carlin!!) for about 2 months, but Chernoff would never spring for that!!