Thursday, August 7, 2008


"I wouldn’t uh done it. I wouldn’t uh done it. Are the Jets going to the Super Bowl this year with Favre? ARE THEY?? No. I wouldn't uh done it. Now you got the kid on the bench for another couple years. Ahh listen, you want to tell me, now hold on a minute there Chris, Favre makes the Jets a better team..Okay, you can say that. But if I’m a Jet fan, I don’t want Favre on my team. He’s a Packer. He sets back the kid another few years. They are NOT going to the Super Bowl with Favre. New England’s better. San Diego’s better. The Colts are better. This idea that Brett Favre is gonna take the Jets to the Super Bowl – not gonna happen. I’m down on Favre. You want to tell me that the Jets needed to do this to steal the spotlight from the Giants? I don’t buy it. I DON"T buy it. I mean Favre with his wife Deanna and the whole bit, I’m just down on this whole thing. I mean what are the Jets doing here? What are they DOING!? You’re telling me you are getting Favre because he makes you a better team, but the Jets are NOT winning this year! You’re telling me the Jets are going to beat the Patriots? The Chargers? Peyton Manning? NOT GONNA HAPPEN! Now the kid’s in a tough spot. I just can’t go too crazy about Favre coming to the Jets."


Anonymous said...

Tremendous job, FTLT.

bigjf said...

Begin countdown until MMD kiss Favre's butt in a softball interview with him after ripping him for weeks about how he handled this off-season.

Also expect an ESPN guest in the upcoming days to discuss this whole thing, despite how they ripped ESPN (and rightfully so) for their non-stop Favre watch.