Thursday, August 14, 2008

Great Duos

Well, it had to happen, didn't it. All great duos eventually break up. Martin and Lewis, Simon and Simon, Captain and Tennille, Fire and Ice(Monroe and Corchiani, duh), you name it, they have all gone their separate ways. Where do we rank Mike Francesa and Chris Russo? Well, that's a personal question for all of us to contemplate. But, I'm going to state my favorite duos of all time for the record:

1) Mike and the Mad Dog
2) Harold and Kumar
3) Maverick and Goose(may he rest in peace)
4) Hall and Oates
5) Taggart and Rosewood


Gregg Hopps said...

1) Quick Draw Mcgraw & Ba Ba Louie
2) Lucy & Ethel
3) Billy Martin & Steinbrenner
4) Pat Summerall & John Madden

Laura said...

You guys need to do a post about the Daily News' photo gallery, "Mike and Dog: The Way We Were." (My title, not theirs.) They have some epic photos of the duo from the late 80s/early 90s, and beyond:

Anonymous said...

anyone listening to the Schmoozer? it sounds like a funeral

lennon and mccartney
simon and garfunkel
lewis and clark
butch cassidy and the sundance kid
benigno and roberts
siskel and ebert
bert and ernie

gman26 said...

How many beers you had tonight anon?
I can understand Lewis and Clark, but Benigo and Roberts? Could ya please?

Anonymous said...

hehe GMan, just threw it in to see if anyone was paying attention

gman26 said...

anon, we pay attention. As you are well aware.

Whatdoyouhave? said...

Blankman & Brotherman