Monday, August 18, 2008


According to the smartest man in America, no, in the universe, the man who has never gotten anything wrong, Neil Best, Christopher Mad Dog Russo will be introduced by Sirius Radio on Tuesday. Here is the latest from Neil Best who you would be stupid to ever doubt, I never have. Well, i didn't doubt this story, or the one that said that Russo was leaving WFAN, but i did doubt the one about Mike Francesca to MSG and i might have been correct about that one, except for the fact that the whole show might go to MSG. Here's is what Mr Best has to say:

Sirius XM finally read to introduce Russo Tuesday?!
Sirius XM is planning to introduce a "major sports media personality'' Tuesday morning at its Manhattan headquarters.
Hmm. Take a wild guess. Go ahead. I'll wait.

With the announcement happening, I guess the next question is, how many of you are going to get Sirius just to listen to Mad Dog? What if he and Mike are on at the same time, who do you listen to? What if they both put in a request for Jon Heyman for the same time, where does he go? Wow, now I know what King Solomon felt like.


KBilly said...

You are saying that you want to cut John Hayman in half?
I have Sirius, love it, and will listen to Doggie.

KBilly said...

WFAN blew it by letting Doggie go. Now the only times I will listen is Giants pre and post game...Oh wait, I have Sirius for that. Never gonna listen to WFAN again.

KBilly said...

Tampa and Boston both won tonight!

Johnny said...

Got to the Sirius website. They have a 87 second Mad Dog rant, where he:

1) bashes NBC for showing track 15 hours delayed.

2) says he is sick of seeing Michael Phelps with Cosotas and moreover, Phelps' mom.

3) Says the Yankees are not the 1927 Yankees because they took two of three from the Royals over the weekend.

I miss him already. From soup to nuts, how much does it cost to get a Sirius subscription "up and running," for my car?

I know they charge $12.95 per month, but how much for everything else.

gman26 said...

I have XM. Waiting for the merger to go through already. It's been approved.

gman26 said...

It's already called Sirius XM...For those that have XM..."The new programs, expected to begin rolling out in early fall, will not require a new device. And as the companies previously stated, subscribers can continue to maintain their current service plan."

So I'll be reunited with Chris soon enough.

Anonymous said...

kbilly is right. There is no reason to put on WFAN during the drive anymore. As a sirius subscriber, im adding channel 123 as my favorite. Does anyone think that Mad Dog might go edgy and let a dirty word or two to slip by?

Anonymous said...

There is no choice - I would listen to Chris over Mike any day, any time. I don't have Sirius and will definitely be getting it! Looking forward to seeing what Chris has in store - it's going to be great for the sports world! No more FAN!