Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Here was Chris talking to Omar Minaya just a few minutes ago on SNY's Daily News Live

Russo: Omar, good to talk to you again. Six game winning streak, bad loss yesterday. Now we've seen the Mets be up and down here the last two years. Do you expect this ballclub to regain its equilibrium and have a big September even with this bullpen being in shambles?

Omar: Well you know we've been an inconsistent team Chris and I hear you are making a big time move, am I correct?

Russo: Yeah I was afraid of that. (Laughing) Yes I am Omar, I am going to miss you. I'm going to miss you.

Omar: Well I didn't know if I was listening to Cyrus radio...

Russo interrupting: SIRIUS OMAR! SIRIUS!!!

Omar: Sirius. (Russo cracking up) But anyway, I wish you the best Chris in what you are doing. You guys did a great job there for many years. It kept us all fans well entertained. (and yes, that is Omar's sentence).

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bigjf said...

Mike is treating that interview with Favre like it's his kid, his creation, the greatest thing he's ever achieved. Calm down, Mike. The interview ranged from barely tolerable to unbearable. One of the worst I've ever heard.