Tuesday, August 12, 2008

WWMS (What Will Mike Say)

Let’s take a guess at some things that are likely to come out of Mikey’s mouth today:

- "Tampuh has done a nice job here, but let's see how they do with some adversity now, with their 2 best hitters on the DL. That is not a good offense and now they are in trouble."

- "Let’s see Tampuh continue to do this on the road. 3 out of 4 versus a dead Seattle team doesn't count. Victor, get me Tampuh's remaining schedule. Look at this, Tampuh has an impossible schedule coming up...3 with the Angels, 3 in Chicago, then 3 against Doc Halladay and AJ Burnett, then Baltimore, who is no gimmee, then the Yanks, Doc Halladay again, 3 at Fenway where the Sox never lose, then 3 at Yankee Stadium in the heat of a pennant race, then 3 more against Boston, and then 8 road games to finish the year...Let’s see Tampuh get through that before we hand them the division."

- "Boston doesn’t scare me anymore without Manny."

- "For all those that have buried the Yankees, they WILL make the playoffs, but they need to get another arm in the rotation. Ponson and Rasner are not going to cut it. I know I've mentioned him before but Bronson Arroyo is the perfect guy. He's got 10 wins on a terrible team. He would love to pitch against Boston. He misses bats."

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Anonymous said...

yea, the second prediction is spot-on. Especially with Francespool saying "we will talk in-depth about Tamper tomorrow."