Friday, August 15, 2008


So far we have had:

Chris Russo crying
Tony Russo crying and asking Mike if it's ok if he called him again.

What we are waiting for is tears from Mike. When will we see them? Time to play over under.

Mike crying will happen at Over/Under 330pm

I am taking the Under at around 2:45

We will also take the Over/Under on Minko crying...

We will set this at Over/Under 630pm (alone in his car, with Mandy by Barry Manilow playing at full blast)


gabagool said...

Tony Russo crying.......God, I can't take it. You know that he MF's fatass every single time he talks to his son.

Call him again? WHy in Gods name would he EVER want to??? Why??

First Time, Long Time said...

Gaba. can you PLEASE call in today. Tell them that you for one are happy they are would be greatness..

gabagool said...


In all my frustrating years TRYING to hear NY sports talk and opinions, putting up with all their garbage, I tried to call in 4 times. First time, didn't get on, second time gave a donation for SIDS and the third time couldn't get through. The last time I got through, wanted to talk about Mikes "promise" to respect callers more because of his "humbling" by meeting Leon Hess and never got on.
Never again.

Plus can you imagine a call as disrespectful as I am to these guys? It would NEVER fly. I know I go overboard, but hey, everyone has a pet project I guess.

bigjf said...

Jerome and Steve from Staten Island need to call in today.

And I'll take the over on Mike's crying. I don't think he will. I think we got as close as we're going to get, but Mike doesn't have tear ducts that I'm aware of. He had them surgically removed at birth, after the doctor made him look weak by slapping him on the ass, making him cry for his first and only time.

gabagool said...

Mike sheds a tear ever single time he takes that last fry out of the big red carton.

Anonymous said...

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