Friday, August 15, 2008


This is pretty powerful's a snippet of it:


KBilly said...

I just took a dramamine.

First Time, Long Time said...

KB...i tried to be steady

1FANLG said...

Here, this goes from the call in open:

...X to close when it ends.

Johnny said...

Let's face it, these guys, despite their flaws, are still the best around. Let's review.

Mike and Mike: shills for ESPN. They'd rather talk about their Pentathlon than sports. They do what the TV network does.

Colin Cowherd: Decent, but speaks in generlaizations and thinks sports are products. Sports is different than Coca-Cola.

Tirico and Van Pelt: YAWN

Joe and Evan: If you like Mets Talk and Joe's fandom, good for you.

Boomer and Carton: A shock jock and a former athlete who is very soft on athletes. Sadly, Boomer blows Carton away.

Richard Neer: Raismann is right here.

The only other guy I like to listen to is Michael Kay.

So, knock them if you may (and I like to as well), but the rest of the other hosts don't really compare.

gabagool said...


Sorry bud, but no, no, no........Give me ANYONE ELSE, AS LONG AS THEY TALK ABOUT NY SPORTS AND TAKE CALLS, A-N-Y-B-O-D-Y.

bigjf said...

The only decent radio shows, as I see it:

Steve Somers - good for a laugh, not much substance though.

Evan Roberts - can come up with good substance, I think Joe B. holds him back with his homer style because Evan can come up with rational, fair arguments without acting like a homer.

Ed Randall - does a tremendous job Sunday mornings on his "Talking Baseball" show. Has great guests, and is one of the only hosts who could make a 2 hour show out of the proper way to take a lead off first base. He has interesting guests and is a gracious host. I wish he'd be given more air time during the week.

Max Kellerman - also makes good, unbiased arguments, interesting take on a lot of ideas, particularly in baseball.

Kay - if I wasn't a Yankee fan, I wouldn't bother.

Mike and Mike - used to be entertaining, not anymore.

Colin Cowherd - hate him.

Neer - middle of the road, nothing more. I put him right there with any other mediocre overnight host.

Boomer - bores me.

Carton - can be entertaining but has to fit your sense of humor, has no substance, gets annoying very quick.

Good talent is hard to find on the radio. Good partnerships on the radio are even harder to find. This kind of success may never be found again.

Timmy said...

Kay-If I weren't a Yankee fan, I wouldn't bother either.

-Sommers-Good guy, rational, nice, lets people talk-but do we wanna hear them?

-Malusas(?)-self-important wannabe, rip off of Russo, and should just be an update guy.

-Mike and Mike-During football season, good for 5 minutes.

-Joe and Evan-Can't even deal with them at all. Posers.

-Boomer and Carton-Boomer was decent with Dog, but Boomer and Carton are like Opie and Anthony without the humor.

-Tony Page-Like Sommers, lets listeners really talk, too Mets like for me, but I love boxing, and that's his game. My other favorite.

-Neer-I'd like to give him a book, any book, and have him read it to me before I got to bed, because his voice puts me to sleep.