Friday, August 22, 2008


How about Francesca and the Father on the Fan?

First up we got Mike, a priest who began with a bad joke about oils, and a firefighter to attempt to fill Chris Russo's chair.

Here we go... JUDGES?


wtsherman said...

I love how Mike asks for each man's rooting loyalties, saying that once he knows them "he'll be able to take the try-out in the direction it needs to go."

How many priest jokes did Mike make in like four minutes? "Well the only way I'm going to heaven...", "Yanks might need a cardinal or pope rather than a mere parish priest...", "I might have to call the bishop on you...", "No heckling the priest, we have at least some principles here..."

lt sam weinberg said...

mike is hilarious! i am saying this round goes to the father. The firefighter made the joke about the 14 year olds and mostly had one word answers.
Please tell me Mike you have something more than firefighters and priest and radio shows life is at stake

Soma Boy said...

Is it me or is this a 'Jump The Shark' afternoon for not just Mike, but the whole WFAN old school thing?

Imagine this day with Dog on fire with the Mets-Phillies scenario, the Yankees on life support, even the dopey Giants beating the Marlins left and right, Favre/Giants SAT, even Bruce in the SuperBowl...this is like the sound of one hand clapping - with traffic!

Mike'd Down, MRF 08.22