Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Mike just reported this moments ago:

"Pavano can pitch in a big spot...remember this, this is a guy who pitched GREAT against the Yankees in the World Series in 2003."

Uhh Mike, that was 5 years ago. Last time I checked, Carl's membership from the Big Spot Club was revoked a long time ago.


stretch armstrong said...

Mike's been killing Pavano for years, now suddenly he's trying to get us to swallow this horseshit that he's can be the Yankees' savior?

He's worse than Max Kellerman going on and on about El Duque still being the best clutch pitcher in baseball.

bigjf said...

Not to defend Mike, but the difference this time is that Pavano can't take the next month off if he wants a contract next year. He actually has to try. If he can physically hold up, then I guess it's worth it to try and get a return on all the money he's been stealing. At least one can finally expect some effort from him at this point, unless he decides he's made enough money in his career.

elmo said...

Michael Kay, what a hypocrite. Less than a year ago, he was sick of Pavano's "there's something wrong with my shoulder, but I don't know what it is" attitude, and said the Yankees should send him out to the mound and make him throw until something popped; then they'd KNOW what was wrong.

Today, he's sticking up for him: "If he says there's something wrong, leave him alone until he feels better." Kay sounds a bit desperate.