Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mike and Chris Reunite to Analyze Barack Obama and the Democratic National Convention

This comes courtesy of Lt. Weinberg:

Chris: Aaaaaaandddd good afternoon everybody and how are you today!!! The Mike and the Mad Dog radio program for this thursday in august. Lots to talk about today. Good afternoon mike and how are you today?

Mike: Good Dog

Chris: lots of places to go today. We could do mets big bounce back win from them. Jeez how many of those have we seen? We could do a terrrible loss by the yankees. I mean I know I buried them but could ya please show some fight. Maybe I buried them for good mikey.

Mike: I didn't listen that day. Don't know what u are talking about.

Chris: hahha. Ok so where should we begin? Mets, yanks..

Mike: I think we have to start with the Convention

Chris: Ohhhh that's right mike. Terrific job out of you. I hadn't thought of that.

Mike: tonight you got obama making his acceptance speech. He's doing it outside just like JFK. I know this because I read everything about JFK.

Chris: mikey, now I know this guy osama is great and he's got the speaking thing and the whole bit but can we please calm down about putting him in the football stadium. Obama does NOT need a new stadium.

Mike: Dog, the guy is an enormous speaker and the stadium just couldn't hold him. They needed a new venue.

Chris: Mike, I know and the chant the yes we do or whatever they say...

Mike: yes we can

Chris: right but Mike, can they chant in the pepsi center?

Mike: Yes but for this guy they need a better venue with more amenties to hold more people

Chris: Ohhhh COME ON!!. They do NOT need a new stadium. The denver nuggets play here. Is it big enough to hold them? When Dikembe Mutombo was there he was wagging his finger saying no you can't dunk on me. It held him didn't it? Mike, you cannot tell me that they need a new stadium for this oprah guy

Mike: obama

Chris: did Bill Clinton get a football stadium? How about George Bush?

Mike: This guy is a phenomenon. you need a bigger place, sky boxes for the celebs, more fans to see it in person. Big screen monitors..

Chris: oh COME ON!. This is a terrible job. I can't go too crazy about this guy omar minaya

Mike: Barack obama dog

Chris: you have to admit its a terrible job. Mike you're talking about watching it in person. Half the people are going to be sitting so far away they will think that its me giving the speech. They'll be up in the cheap seats wanting to vote for chris russo. Hahahahahahahaha. Say something funny mike.

(Mike is watching horse racing and no longer listening)

Chris: I mean mike this is just a TERRIBLE job, I mean I could understand it if it was Bruce Springsteen. At least he's playing thunder road for three hours. IS ANYONE ALIVE OUT THERE???

Mike: Time for the update and the mink man

Chris: Minko, does omar minaya really need a football stadium to give some speech? How about getting this team some relievers first? How about that? Could ya please? Before you talk to 75,000 people and screaming yes we am and change we can believe in can ya omar give jerry manuel some relievers for a change? I mean you say pipe down chris this guys a big deal. Big deal what? For what? Luis ayala. Terrible job. I wouldn't let this guy talk timmy to sleep at 1130 pm when he goes to bed which is a whole nother story. Mink take it away...

Minko: Thanks Chris and as you and Mike were just discussing Barack Obama will be speaking tonight at the democratic national convention...


Anonymous said...

They are not together anymore so stop pretending that they are...get over it. mike is taking a vacation this week...maybe you should too

First Time, Long Time said...


Thank you for reading, voicing your hate and supporting this blog.

Anonymous said...

That was Too Funny!!!

That was so good I can actually picture them in studio doing that!

I'm watching the bottom of the ninth Yankee/Sox game. I'm looking forward to the next post if the Yankees get swept!

Great Job Lt Weinberg!


Anonymous said...

your welcome first time, long time.

TheNextBestThing1 said...

As i have previously mentioned the known hater on this blog is none other than Mr.Francesa..

Anonymous said...

FWIW, MMD are both republicans. We learned this during the Clemens congressional hearing when they both were "embarrassed" to be republicans because they did a "terrible" job.

and i can def. see Dog call Obama "Osama" (innocently).

KBilly said...

I Errr Ahhhh Do nawt suppoot this message!Osk Nawk what you can do for this errrr ahhhh Blowg, but what you can do fow this raadio station. (applause) I listened to WFaaaaaN in the cah as a child on the pahkway (applause). Mike Francessa does nawt know whaaaat I stahnd foh!

Anonymous said...

i am in tears, that was SO funny