Friday, August 22, 2008


It is an American Idol inspired day here at Mike and the Mad Blog. We got Mike playing Simon at the auditions at Bar A and we have American Idle Carl Pavano pitching for the Yankees, and Randy Jackson's America's Best Dance Crew just completed it's finale last night. (I am betting none of you tuned in.)

We need to give Mike the role of Simon because.. we all know why. That leaves the roles of Randy and Paula and rather than allow Eddie or Sal or worse John Minko play these parts, we have decided to cast YOU, our loyal readers.

So to allow ourselves to follow the very creative high pop culture standards of this blog, we would love for your comments to be in the voice of the drugged out haze of Paula Abdul or the unintelligable wisdom of lead dog, Randy Jackson..

For example you might say:
"I thought your performance was like perfume but the kind that comes from a skunk after taking a shower in a bathtub." That would be as Paula.
"Dawg, I thought that was a little pitchy but it was still ahhhright but you can definitely blow." That would as Randy.

We have complete faith in you and we certainly know you all watch and voted for David Cook. So let the judging begin...

(and for a little further dose of American Idol, check our archives for our mock post on Mike and Chris analyzing the American Idol finale).

In the words of Simon Cowell..."Off you go..."


bigjf said...

Any reason why it's not on YES right now?

Anonymous said...

Francesca is stuck in traffic so Benigno and Roberts are still on.

bigjf said...


First Time, Long Time said...

First Official Review:

Performer: Southside Johnny

Paula: (STANDING UP APPLAUDING) You are great. So great. You make me smile. This season of Southside Johnny is the best ever. Don't stop what you're doing.

Randy: Dawg...I'm just not feelin' it. The hair flopping, the rolled up sleeves. Dawg, it just didn't do it for me.

lt sam weinberg said...

Simon: Johnny, you moved around like a wedding singer. The song was terrible. I hated Taylor Hicks and I am not certain that you are much better.