Friday, August 22, 2008

The Worst Contest Ever?

As I sit here trying to watch these "auditions" I find myself asking (along with some commenters) if this is indeed the worst run contest ever? I mean, this is truly unwatchable and unlistenable. Somewhere along the Jersey shore, Mark Chernoff just drowned himself in the ocean. Mike is trying to be Mr. Funny, but everything he says falls flat. He doesn't allow the contestants to distinguish themselves, not that any of them were really any good. How is this the best of the "hundreds" that got thru the WFAN screening process? And how is someone there - a producer, a program director, an intern, anyone, not saving this drowning ship of a contest? Someone step in.


Anonymous said...

Mike likes it this way.

This contest is a sham.

No way he ever takes on a running mate.

TheNextBestThing1 said...

Agreed..and a good friend of mine who is there says all mike does is stuff his face with wings during the commercial breaks..

gabagool said...

Mike takes on a running mate GUARANTEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as the feedback starts with how lousy he his together , how it was a STUPID, STUPID, STUPID move to have a guy solo, with NO PERSONALITY, NO SENSE OF HUMOR, NO HUMILITY AND NO FRIENDS.

AS soon as his ratings dip, the station will "force" one on him and he will, inside, WANT someone he can blame the decline on.

A co host IS A SURE THING.