Friday, August 22, 2008

Mike and the Mad Blog New York Magazine Mention

Press Box Confidential: Mike and the Mad Dog Backlash; Fat Lady Sings for the Yankees

It's been just a week since “Mike and the Mad Dog” called it a day, and the backlash has already begun. After an initial wave of goodwill — Chris Russo called in and cried during Friday’s final show, which turned into a wake of sorts, with Mike Francesa, humble as always, comparing the split to the breakup of the Beatles, and callers ranging from Russo’s dad to David Paterson phoning in to congratulate them on a job well done — the hyperbole died down, and then some.

On Wednesday, the Daily News printed three letters to the editor about the breakup: one pro-Russo, one pro-Russo and anti-Francesa, and one criticizing both of them. Then, yesterday, the Mike and the Mad Blog (the best, albeit only, daily source of this information) declared that Francesa's solo show was already so boring that they would no longer bother discussing how boring it is. At least, in sifting through all the obituaries, we discovered this gem, from Sports Illustrated: Pulitzer Prize winner Philip Roth is apparently such a big fan that he can do spot-on impressions of both hosts. We don’t think we’d pay money to hear Russo on satellite, but we’d definitely pay good money to hear that.

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KBilly said...

What's with "pay9ing the money" for satelite? It is $130 a year...You cheap bastards can't scrape together $130 a year? Quit drinking coffee and you'll save twice that. Doggie will have much fewer commercials (none of which will be cars for kids) and there's probably be a replay at night. And instrad of a patch on his fanny, he'll be able to say zit on my ass.

gabagool said...

I'd rather BURN 10x $130 to EVER, EVER give ANY of my hardearned money to a company that is STUPID enought to pay the mental midget A DOLLAR, let alone 3 million.

Its obvious Fan made a mistake thinking Mike could EVER run a show with NO PERSONALITY. And sirious is SHOT thinking MD could get them any ratings when he can't even SPELL ratings. The dumb fock.

KBilly said...

Doggie w/ Bill simmons:

wtsherman said...

Congrats, MM&D,

Nice shout-out there. You guys are making (deserved) waves. Not to mention when Chris says on the Simmons podcast basically, "Folks were positive in their feedback toward me, of course some of the blogs are bad, but..."

I mean, you have to believe he was referencing you guys. And kudos for that, though I know you have always been fair to the Dog. I aslo highly doubt that he reads "the blogs", but still, you guys are the collective point man here.

Now all you have to worry about are the thunderbolts of Buzz Bissinger. Regardless, my congratulations. Great blog. Keep it up, I really enjoy it.

One of you once wrote something like "Read on. Enjoy." Well, I have.