Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We learned that Mike is not a fan of Robinson Cano. We learned that Robinson Cano will win a batting title some year. We learned that Joe Nathan is wonderful. We learned that the Yankees offense is not. We learned that Melky Cabrera is single-handedly the cause of the Yankees 3rd place position. We learned that both Mike and Jerry Manuel both feel the Mets are in good shape. We learned that it might be asking a lot of Ryan Church to do anything this season. We learned that Mike loves to ask Jerry questions that Manuel can easily agree with. We learned that new Islanders coach Scott Gordon has nothing to look forward to regarding the New York Islanders. We learned that Hank Steinbrenner quit on the season. We learned you never quit on a season. We learned that Hank offered the Yanks a golden parachute. We learned that it’s an insult to use the words Joba and Beckett in the same sentence. We learned that Mike has two books at his bedside, the Saratoga Springs Daily Racing Form and the Baseball Encyclopedia opened to Josh Beckett's postseason stats. We learned there’s no reason the Bombers can’t catch a Red Sox team that blew a 10 run lead, made a stupid trade in unloading Manny and made a desperate move for Paul Byrd. We have learned that Mike needs to take daily shots at Theo Epstein. We learned that the YES Network pretends Hank Steinbrenner doesn’t exist. We learned Mike tried to get him on today, to no avail. We learned Mike would trade Cano or Hughes for Granderson. What we did not learn, as of 6:30PM today, is why Yankee fans should have any hope that their team can overcome 6 games in the loss column.


KBilly said...

I only caught about 20 minutes, but I learned that Robinson Cano is "In Outer Space" So I say we call him "Will Robinson Cano"
If you never watched Lost in Space...Look it up.

KBilly said...

I think I learned what a good offensive player Lowell was, but I wasn't listening closely.

ray ray said...

Didn't hear any of it (and didn't feel like sifting through the "LOLs" and "OMGs" on the other site) but it sounds like it was a gem. Mike is at his most entertaining when the Yankees are playing like crap.

And it just occurred to Mike that Cano's mind isn't always on the game? He's been on Jose Reyes for a long time for the same thing. (And I'm a Yankee fan.)

KBilly said...

If you never watched Lost in Space, it is about an old man gay robot lusting after a young boy named Will. But in Outer Space. Totally creepy now, but when I was a kid, it never registered.

gman26 said...

Pedroia has no talent, but a big heart. WRC has all the talent but no heart. A familiar refrain.

It was not a gem of a show. Whenever Mike tries to play Vin Scully and call a game, it's unbearable.

KBilly said...

We need them both back. On their own, Fatso and Fruit Loop are barely tolerable. Together, arguing with each other, is what makes the show good. I am sick of Mike being the Pope of all sports and of Chris being the Dope of all sports. Together it is like Howard Stern and Robin Quivers. Separate, it just won't work.

ray ray said...

Oh that's right, he was doing the game. That's fucking brutal. Like the first couple of days of the NCAA tourney, when the show is Mike and Dog watching the games and commenting on them. It's funny to watch on YES -- him and Dog watching TV, and you can't even see what they're seeing (not that you'd be watching them watching TV if you gave a crap about the NCAAs).

repoz said...

We learned that there are no good CF outside of Blondie McLouth ("Gah head, name one! You can't!")

Edmonds - 147
Hamilton - 143
Sizemore - 135
Ankiel - 132
McLouth - 129
Granderson - 126
Gerut - 125
Beltran - 123
Hunter - 123
Kemp - 112
Ross - 112
Cameron - 111
Upton - 109
Rowand - 109
Victorino - 106
Well - 105
Swisher - 101

bigjf said...

I'd probably trade Cano for Granderson too, but one problem, chubs, the Tigers wouldn't since they have Polanco. Both Hughes and Cano would get it done, but I wouldn't do that deal.

41 said...

I did think it was cool that he waited until the YES feed to blast Hank. I'm not a Mike fan (love Russo), but he was dead on about the stupidity of Hank calling Joba better than Beckett.

First Time, Long Time said...

41...good point. Mike was completely right about Hank and I was glad he went off on him...

harry stamper said...

I think if they traded him, Cano would become another Rey Ordonez, Elgardo Alfonzo or Andy Fox. Once they were no longer being hyped by the New York media, they were exposed as average players at best.