Friday, August 22, 2008


We like countdowns. Especially the ones where you are counting down dates. It gives us something to look forward to. It helps us get through a day when you are watching a large man hold pretend auditions, speak to Jim Nantz about nothing that would ever interest the audience and 25 sets of Southside Johnny. Countdowns let us know that we are getting closer and closer to something exciting.

So here are some things we are counting down:

Yankees Death Watch: Mike has refused to see dead people wearing pinstripes. But he has declared that the Yanks need to win 5 of 6 or he is declaring them dead. The countdown begins tonight vs Baltimore.
COUNTDOWN: waiting on tonights results

Mike'd Up on the Radio: I once interviewed for a job on a sports tv show and was told that this show was going to revolutionize television, that it was going to be like the early days of Saturday Night Live. The show in question aired and I believe did the opposite of revolutionize tv due to the fact that it got a zero rating. That show was called the McEnroe Show. We are counting down to Mike'd Up on the Radio and we wonder if it will remind us at all of that revolutionary talk show hosted by a argumentative tennis player.

The Mad Dog Sports Show: (aka the Tussle at 2pm when Mike and Chris face off as solo artists): The question here is will you pay for Timmy, Tony, fanny, terrible job, Lincecum, and the whole bit? After this week of Francesca, I tell ya I would much rather be listening to Chris. I actually think that Russo is going to be better on the national scene than people think. Remember, he's not a New York guy and he has always been the one with national interests. I have begun to no longer think of it as paying to listen to Chris, but rather investing in not listening to Mike.


Which day are you counting down to?


KBilly said...

I posted this in the previous thread, but in case anyone missed it, here is Russo and Simmons, talking about the whole tricky situation. Good interview. Simmons is obviously a fan.

bigjf said...

I gotta give Mike a LITTLE BIT of credit today for the Rick Peterson interview he did today. I didn't catch it until now, but for Mike, it was actually a pretty intelligent interview at times. Obviously Ed Randall, or someone with half a brain (or a smaller gut) for that matter, could do better, but it at least had a modicum of insight to it.

KBilly said...

Yanks win gained them nothing in the standings. They can win 7 out of six, but if the Sox, Twinkies and Rays keep winning, that means nothing to the Yanks. Pavano in 18 hours.

Anonymous said...

I remember John McEnroe's show. I never watched it because I can't stand that douche, but I remember reading that at the time his show was the lowest-rated cable show in history. I think Dennis Miller's sports show on VS. tied the record.

wtsherman said...

McEnroe's show, rather than enthrall me in the man's fiery passion, elicited deep empathy in me for his emebarrassing unsuitability in said fiery role. Throw in a fat joke, and the same is true with Mike's solo outing.

The truth is, arrogant and obese as he is, Mike is not a conventionally dumb guy, and he must have moments of black, clenching fear when he realizes how ill-fated his project is, how ill-conceived and laughable this whole venture is. One poster put it very well when he likened it to "one hand clapping."

I thought the Simmons interview was great (thanks kbilly for the heads up); I'm fascinated to see how the whole solo tussle plays out. I'm a doggie guy, but i can't shake the unforeseen sense of reeling everytime i visit this topic, this hubris breakup full of inevitability.

On the tussle question, like George Michael sagely/gaily says in "One More Try": 'There are things i don't want to learn....'

wtsherman said...

As I see it there are two possibilities:

1) Mike, in his ever-burgeoning ego, simply does not know how badly he is bombing and is refusing or unable to believe how poorly his one week sample augurs for the ratings long stretch.

or 2) He knows it. Knows it keenly. Knows it all too well and is scared. If this is the case (I think it is), he has to be panicking big-time. As a former teacher, I can best guess his sense of mortification and desperation by comparing this afternoon/week to looking out on a roomful of yawning, indifferent, resentful students and suddenly knowing, deep down, that it is your own fault and that it will only get worse. If my analogy holds, has any extension, it will mean that anxiety and wretched uselessness will begin to rot away at Mike, and in myriad waking moments he will be possessed by unflagging self-doubt. Moments themselves will engender agonizing self-hatred and the possibility blissful suicide, and its farraginous potentialities will become more soliciting than reading the morning paper.

Needless to say, I hope my analogy is off, and if not, I hope Mike fares better with a true predicament than I did.

wtsherman said...

And in honor of Bill Simmons' prose: "if you think big Mike doesn't have this link on Ctrl V, you're crazy:"

KBilly said...

wtsherman, I hope you are a college English proffessor, because if you teach high school and speak as you type, your students do not understand you. I have a Masters in Economics and I had to look up "farraginous"...

But I think he knows. Mike knows that he has a shelf life to make this show into something.

I won't be there, however, as come Sept. 15, I will be tuning into Sirius 123 on the ride home. I can get him in the office over the internet too.

But after getting Sirius (for Howard), M&MD was the last thing I listened to on regular radio, so I doubt I'll return to Fatso once Doggie gets going.

M&MD was always: Boring know it all plus know nothing hothead to stir up the audience.

wtsherman said...

Yeah, kbilly, i never really post much on the internet but I just think this is a crazy site and I have so many mixed feelings about MMD and what to say and how to put it all in a tendentious place like this website (which I love).

I've listened to a lot of Howard (also w/ mixed feelings). It was weird to hear Dog say "Howard" in a supplicant (or, for that matter, in any) way on the BS Report. This, to me, seems more like a swear than anything I've ever heard Dog say. Seriously, in his wildest dreams, who ever they thought they'd hear Dog say "Howard" in a good faith effort to toe the company line?

Anonymous said...

so francesca's new radio show is going to be named Mike'd Up?

I remember he said the "lawyers are finalizing the name," so i think you are right

KBilly said...

More like Fuck'd Up.

Anonymous said...

Mike is scared.

But at least he's better than that buffoon Evan who'll be on in his palce today.

Nice nose, Evan!

Anonymous said...

c' need for a personal attack on evan. especially for things he cannot control.

gabagool said...

Oh, Mike knows it ok.......But, you can put everything pizza 10 ft away, Tie Mike up with a 9 ft rope, leave him there until he looks like PeeWee Herman, and he WILL NEVER admit that he sucks. Right now, he is home trying to figure out legit sounding reasons why the ratings will drop. He will "man up" and "reluctantly" OK the stations "request" that a partner be added.