Thursday, August 14, 2008


Here are some updated quotes from Russo in the Daily News. Russo can go to Sirius and they are reporting that he has an offer, but he cannot go to ESPN Radio.

Russo likely will become the marquee sports talkie at Sirius XM Radio, the nation's only satellite radio provider. Sources said Russo has been offered a multiyear deal worth anywhere from $2.5 million to $3million per year.
"I don't have any signed agreement with anybody else, but I'm not stupid," Russo said in a telephone interview with the Daily News on Thursday night. "I know there is something I think I can get. I do have four little children to feed."
WFAN operations director Mark Chernoff said Russo would not make a final appearance on the station.
Russo said that was just part of the radio business.
"That's it. No goodbye shows, no final shows, no nothing," Russo said.
Russo said his departure has "absolutely nothing to do" with his relationship with Francesa. "That stuff is overblown," Russo said. "We had many more good days than bad ones."
In order to get to this point, WFAN, which is owned by CBS Radio, had to release Russo from a contract that runs until next spring. While Russo will be permitted to take a satellite radio gig, he would not be, according to the release, allowed to work for ESPN-1050, WFAN's only local sports-talk competitor.
Chernoff said Russo did not want to commit to a multiyear contract. Russo confirmed that assertion.
"I think WFAN realized I was lukewarm about making a long-term commitment to them," Russo said. "They knew getting me to sign would be dicey. I guess they didn't want a lame duck working with Mike."


bigjf said...

I think he just compared himself to Joe Torre...

LOL, he has children to feed. I guess 1.25 million ain't cutting it anymore.

I wonder how long it takes him to stop accidentally mentioning WFAN on his new show and to stop using their number, which he has no doubt memorized over the years.

KBilly said...

"I do have four little children to feed."
Don't forget the hamster

lt sam weinberg said...

i think he could feed the kids on the wfan money but that hamster needs some gourmet chow.

bigjf said...

Apparently Chris had another option he might not have known about...If his mansion was getting too expensive, he could've gone the Ed McMahon route and accepted Donald Trump's lease.

gabagool said...

Chris got his lucky break at fan. In five years, he'll be doing local sports, high school lacrosse at Kalamazoo, Michigan. Hope you enjoyed your pathetic self while it lasted Chris....your fat ass partner is next.