Thursday, August 14, 2008

Total Disconnect

We all know how little Mike actually knows about sports. But it is shocking to hear him talk about the Olympics. Not that he doesn't care, but how out of touch he is. Mike started around 1:38 talking about the huge ratings that the Olympics are doing. 17 for the diving, cycling and beach volleyball last night. Then he had Minko and whoever that is in the booth(Licata?) fill him in on the Olympics. TV expert Francesa did not realize that the swimming and the Gymnastics were actually being broadcast live, 'Phelps is racing but we'll know the results already, right? No? What time is it over there?'

I think this shows two things - 1) He is totally out of touch with the human race. Not that everyone cares about the Olympics, but he doesn't care about much outside of the NFL, New York Baseball and Horse Racing. 2) He totally has one foot out the door. Before Neil Best came out with the scoop that Abbott and Costello might be breaking up, we all discussed how MMD had lost something off their fastball. Then Best wrote his article, and that seemed to be a B12 shot for the two. But that has worn off. Especially with Francesa. These days he just shrugs off the Olympics as a sideshow, even as it gets an 18 rating in New York. He lets FTLT rip into him on the show. He's gotten slightly delirious with these mancrushes that aren't even based in reality(see McLouth and Arroyo). And in the past, if the Yankees were struggling, he might be able to dazzle us with some analysis like Stick losing control in Tampa or Jeter going out too much. But what does he come up with to explain this $200 million dollar train wreck? Melky Cabrera. Yeah, that's it. That's the ticket.


Peteski said...

I guess they both don't know the meaning of the word "karma".

KBilly said...

General Tso & the Egg Roll, WFAN New York