Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Tonights Yankees loss means not only that the Bronx Bomb is dead and buried, it also means that we can knock one of the countdowns off the list.

RIP: Mike's declaration that the Yankees would need to win 5 of 6 in order to stay in the hunt. The Yankees did the easy part and swept the Orioles. Taking of the hard part, um, didn't go so well. The Yanks have lost two in a row to the Red Sox and are on the verge of being swept.

Mike, grab a shovel. The boys are dead.

(side note: If you are programming a radio station and that station happens to only talk sports and you have this guy who is supposedly the focus of your station, the headliner so to speak, and now you have this week in sports, remember you are a SPORTS RADIO STATION, and the two local teams, let's call one the Bankees and the other the Yets, and both of them are playing their top rivals for a series that will be pivotal to the season for these two teams, would you:

A: tell your host to get ready to hit the road because we are going to spend each show at a different stadium because this is a HUGE week for these teams that we cover at our sports radio station.
B: tell your host and your producer of said radio station to book the hell out of this show and get everyone and anyone who can talk about this rivalry, provide insight, give your audience a terrific the show that would be so much better than any possible show you might have - like one where you might invite people to a Bar called Anticipation and have people audition for someone without letting them speak.
C: Tell your host, you know what, you have worked about 16 hours the entire summer and you deserve a break, so don't worry about those games, you go and relax. Lay down, get a massage, watch horses run around a track, have a Diet Coke. You relax we have plenty of other radio hosts to cover it.

Mark Chernoff, which one would you choose if you were running this fictional radio station?


Jimmy in Singapore said...

Terrific site. . .
First time reader, first time poster. . .

I'm fine with Francesa being off. He's got a (H)UGE task ahead of him with the new show, his NFL now duties and basically carrying the station on his back for the rest of the year. A little more time off to prepare for that is ok.

Looking forward to seeing how both guys do, and seeing if the Mad Dog channel finds any WFAN guys making the switch.

clovis said...

Another thing that's gone to shit (beside the Yankees) is I'm sure things will liven up when Mike comes back, but lately it's just a handful of smug, boring Mets fans posting about their fantasy football league, and about how no one is posting there anymore except them. Riveting.

wtsherman said...

Lt. Sam Weingberg,

Good pt. - in the past, when there was Mike AND THE MAD DOG, I didn't much care about the summer dropoff. But now there is just lacklustre Mike. So, what are Mike's chops/merits?

In order, I'll say: Yankees baseball, NFL/NY Giants....(huge gap)...other sports and sporting events.

1995-2006 - generally not a problem, more or less.

2008 - problem.

(2008 corollary: if Dog was here he'd be the pugilist to Mike's laughably large punching bag..."no yanks ball this fall...okay, sucks, but dog will be the saving rejoinder.")

TheNextBestThing1 said...

All i have to say is that, this is an indication of things to come and how much Russo will be missed..How much enjoyment would we have today turning on the radio and having Russo rip the Bankees for five and a half. Not to be redundant but Russo will immensely missed and WFAN made a mistake by letting Russo walk..Im fed up already im getting sirius..