Monday, August 18, 2008


First Time Long Time just alerted me to a caller who compared Chris Russo leaving Mike and the Mad Dog to David Caruso leaving NYPD Blue. Now this is slightly different because Russo is not leaving a show that displayed Dennis Franz's ass, but that aside, Caruso's decision to leave for other challenges like the movies Jade and Kiss of Death, should certainly be a warning sign to those like Mad Dog seeking challenges from an otherwise healthy career.

In searching for information on Mr Caruso, who has now become one of the most mocked actors on tv due to his role in CSI Miami (just search Youtube), I found this list on a site called Wikki Gonzalez of the worst decisions in history. It has sports, pop culture, everything...

Where do you think Russo leaving Mike and the Mad Dog ranks among the worst decisions of all time? I am going to say somewhere in the middle of this part of the list, probably between Geri Halliwell and Ken Griffey Jr. That feels right.

Shaquille O'Neal acting.
Putting Tim McCarver within 50 miles of a microphone.
Morgan Bulkeley making the Hall of Fame.
ShelleyLong leaving Cheers.
Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) leaving the Spice Girls to pursue a solo music career.
Ken Griffey Jr. demanding a trade from the Seattle Mariners.
Grady Little leaving Pedro in for just one more hitter...then two...then three...
Charlie Dressen letting Ralph Branca pitch to Bobby Thomson.
David Caruso leaving NYPD Blue.


KBilly said...

I bet that doggie runs like Caruso did in Kiss of Death. What a homo.
Doggie leaving is a great move for him. He gets his own show in a ratings free enviroment for $3 mil a year. Everyone who says Stern is "irrelevant" is stupid. Stern is still the premier radio talk show host in the U.S. He still gets every movie star. Doggie will rock on Sirius while Mike becomes irrelevant. I didn't even listen to Mike today, no reason to. Bet dollars to donuts Doggie is on Stern in the next two weeks to introduce his Sirius show.

meatbag said...

Howard Stern IS irrelevant. He had a good run, a very good run, but it's over. Even the hardcore fanboys who used to use the moronic phrase "quite frankly" in every sentence, like their idol, are coming back to reality.

The David Caruso bit was funny, though. Dennis Franz, it turns out, is almost as big a douchebag as Caruso is, but he does it in a much more subtle way.

41 said...

Great move. If it fails it fails - but why not give it a shot? I won't get Sirius because I think national sportstalk stinks, but I do think WFAN should have just split them up. Give Francesa mornings, Russo afternoons and the pink slip to Boomer and Carton.

gabagool said...

howard who?