Thursday, August 14, 2008


Mikey just schooled a caller on who costed the Yankees last year in the postseason. Mike blamed it on Wang but the caller mentioned blame belonging to Joba also. Mike was flabbergasted at that notion. Here's what Mike said today:

"Have a clue!! Please. It wasn't Joba Chamberlain. It was Wang..It wasn't Joba's fault. C'mon he only pitched that one game, I mean c'mon. That was one game."


"Last year they got in the postseason... and Joba, everybody's wonder boy, didn't get the job done. Blame the flies or the wiggets or whatever the heck those things were...Joba didn't get the job done!! Okay."


KBilly said...

"Joba's not what we made him out to be"
"Play through the bugs"
"You can't compare Joba to Beckett"

lt sam weinberg said...

mike really has a love hate relationship with joba. essentially he hates the fact that the yankees disobeyed the order that joba was not to be touched. joba was not to be taken from the bullpen and brought into the starting rotation.

"Any chance that they would ignore your order Mike?"
"Ignore the order?"
"Any chance they said Mike's had 2800 Diet Cokes too many and he's actually just a talk radio host who is on vacation during the entire summer when most of the baseball games are played and there really is no reason to listen to him?"
"When you spoke to Joe Girardi on his weekly spot on WFAN and ordered him not to move Joba from the bullpen, any chance he ignored you?"
"You ever been to Saratoga?"
"Uh, were talking baseball."
"Right, you ever been in a bullpen?"
"No sir."
"You ever hand the ball to a pitcher and have him take the ball from your hand?"
"No sir."
"Ever say to him, this inning is yours, you go get him."
"Not once sir."
"We follow orders or our wild card chances die. We follow orders or there are people like Farnsworth and Veras and you, Ramirez pitching in the eighth inning giving up bombs to Mark Texeria!

Brian said...

Francessa's sure parting words to Mad Dog:

I'm gonna rip the eyes outta your head, and piss in your dead skull! You fucked with the wrong fatass from Long Island!