Monday, August 18, 2008


Until Mad Dog resurfaces on air, we would like to keep his presence around. So we came up with something called WWCRS or What Would Chris Russo Say. If Mad Dog were around today, I'm sure he would chime in about Jeff Kent. After hearing that Vin Scully suggest that Kent was doing better with Manny Ramirez batting behind him, Kent told the LA Times that Vin Scully 'talks too much'.

Russo: "That's a horrible job out of Kent. Could ya please wipe the scowl off your face and play baseball?! He's Vin Scully!!! Jeff, tell me how you did with Bonds hitting behind you? He turned you into a Hall of Famer!! And now Manny comes to LA and your batting average is up 20 points! Pipe down! I mean what are you doing listening to the broadcast anyway? Do you get home and watch it on your VCR? I mean, Scully is 90 years old and you're telling him he talks too much. You talk too much! Kent is a Hall of Famer on the field, but he stinks off it."


KBilly said...

Doggie would say: "Screw you Fatso. I'm rich Biatch!"

The Rick said...

If it is that easy to PIN Chris Russo - I mean that blog post might as well have been written (wrote?) by Chris Russo himself - replacing him should be pretty easy, no? I mean, if radio personalities become so repetative that they can be mimmicked without flaw (see Jim Rome also) . . . are they really that valuable? Don't get me wrong, Mike is no different, but as everyone cries about this "end of an era", maybe much like the great VCR, it is time to move on.

Sure MMD might sell sponsors and advertising, but the real issue is that MMD was not that great of a show anymore. I am sure there is a better one out there, and it is amazing to me that WFAN and 1050 have yet to fing that show

KBilly said...

They can't creat jingles in a day? As if "Nothing can get buy em, turn it on and try em" is Hey Jude or Friend of the Devil.

gabagool said...

That IS SCARY. It IS as if Russo wrote it. But, thats NOT the first time.

Rick is right. It IS easy to replace STUPID, EMOTIONAL responses. I know the PERFECT REPLACEMENT.

To replace CR, you need an ANNOYING VOICE. POOR KNOWLEDGE. EMOTIONAL, NOT THOUGHT OUT RESPONSES........can you say helloooo there to.....CARTMAN??

Johnny said...

Jim Rome hasn't changed "his bits: since the mid 1990s----talk about maiking it in.

Jason said...

i like the added touch of the "vcr" cause we all know they arent into tivo or dvr-ing yet. give them another 19 years and theyll catch up.