Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Defenders

A caller just compared Cano's lack of effort to Arod and Mikey was none too happy about that comparison. Correctly so, Mike went off on the caller for accusing Arod of not playing with effort. But that got me thinking of how there are certain athletes that Mike will ALWAYS defend. Now, again, Mike was right in his defense of Arod today, but Madonna's boy-toy is one of the few that will always be defended by Mikey. Here are a few guys that come to mind:

- Arod
- Manny Ramirez
- Josh Beckett
- Johan Santana
- Chad Pennington
- Posada
- Jeter
- Pettitte
- Eli Manning

I'm having a bit of a brain freeze fill out The Defenders..


Anonymous said...


Whatdoyouhave? said...


Funny thing is that Cano was on this list until July. All year long callers would bash him and he'd say "Cano is a ha-yuge second half playa. Wait till after the break. He'll start hitting..."

Now that he hasn't, he can't forgive the lackadaisical play in the field anymore

First Time, Long Time said...

"There's a lot of hits left in that bat"

First Time, Long Time said...

also forgot Bernie

yam said...

Bronson Arroyo

Anonymous said...

Bernie Williams, Micky Mantle, Bobby Mercer, Mark Messier, Joe Torre, Don Mattingly, Patrick Ewing

Peteski said...

I can't remember Mikey not defending Mussina - espesh when he was suckin it last year, could be wrong.

First Time, Long Time said...

Parcells is another

David said...


Anonymous said...

Sid Rosenberg.

gman26 said...

the Boss(except when he gets political)
Steve Schirripa
D. Wayne Lukas

big brown said...

John Calipari
Actually, anyone who's ever agreed to come back on his show.