Monday, August 25, 2008


(yes, it would be a large pony)

As we at Mike and the Mad Blog prepare for the DOG AND PONY SHOWDOWN between Mike and Chris, we wanted to breakdown Russo and Francesca in a variety of categories to see who is going to win when they go toe to toe at 2pm on September 15th.

Today we begin with SPORTS KNOWLEDGE

The question we present for you is not only who has the most sports knowledge but also who presents it in a way that is clear with insight and information. I think we have to look at this on a national level and not just New York because Russo is now in a national forum as opposed to just NYC.

So who gets the edge when it comes to Sports Knowledge: Russo or Francesca?


Anonymous said...

Francesa by far. Not necessarily a good thing however. He just gets boring with his facts after a while.

gabagool said...

Joe Benigno PUTS THEM BOTH, TOGETHER, TO SHAME. He's FORGOTTEN more about NY sports than they EVER knew.

ANd I'm not so sure that Fansesca knows a TON more than Russo. He wrong about a LOT of things. I think when they FIRST started, MF knew a lot more, but as laziness and complacency took over, I believe the knowledge department kind of evened out.

the thing said...

If you want to know about ratings, announcers, or what team has beaten a certain other team most frequently since 1940, Mike and Dog are without equal. If you really want sports knowledge, find some guy sitting at a bar by himself at 2 in the afternoon reading The Daily News stats page.

1FANLG said...

two words -- Gag Nee.

Russo is a clown and he knows it, he can tell you who was the Orlando Magic's first point guard and that is about it...but we all still love him.

Mike every once in a while has a good nugget, but I don't think knowledge was ever the key skill set for M&MD.