Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Is there some sort of special tint that Mike Francesca has in the sunglasses he is wearing? Does it allow him to see things that others don't? I want those. Can an ad for those replace the Guseppe Franco spots?

Mike through those sweet shades of his still sees this Yankees lineup as a dominant collection of Hall of Famers, amazing careers, and can't miss future stars. This is what he said from just outside his tent. (do you think mike during the break has eddie erickson building a huge campfire that they will snuggle around and tell ghost stories later?)

This is how he broke down the Yankee lineup that to everyone not wearing Mike's glasses is one of the prime, if not, THE reason for the Yankees failures this year.

"Damon has had a great career, Jeter is a Hall of Famer, so is ARod, Giambi has won an MVP, Matsui has had tremendous numbers and is a legend in Japan, Nady who is a good solid player, Cano who could win the batting title when he gets his head screwed on, and Pudge is probably going to be a Hall of Famer. So you got three Hall of Famers in the lineup, you got almost everyone on the team that has been on the All Star team with the exception of a couple of guys, and you don't have a guy who has been a weak hitter in the entire lineup. This is a lineup that should create enormous productivity. It is a tremendous lineup. It has great power, productivity, good average hitters, you got lefty, righty, lefty, righty.. It's a great lineup.... This lineup is so far down in terms of productivity in terms of last year should produce."

Mike, here is what is weird about sports and maybe you can make a phone call and have this adjusted.. but whether or not you are a Hall of Famer, an All Star, or someone who has had a great career, DOES NOT MATTER DURING THIS SEASON. It's funny because Mike, you hate fantasy sports, but you are talking about these guys as if they are players on your Strat O Matic team..

Here is what is real: Damon is good, Jeter is among the top guys in the league in hitting into double plays, AROD is hitting around .230 in the clutch, Giambi has been awful in the second half, Matsui has not played all season, and this will not be the year Cano wins the batting title.

Keep the glasses on Mike, they are doing a terrific job shading you from reality.


Whatdoyouhave? said...

This is nauseating, this interview with Favre. Mike is like a schoolgirl around him.

"There's a ton of deer out by my house in the Hamptons, I can tell you that!"

Thanks Mike

41 said...

Has he mentioned the Dog/Sirius deal? I'm at work and can't listen. If he takes his own advice after 19 years, he'll at least acknowledge it. Hopefully with a 'bring it on' attitude.

bigjf said...

You can see the difference without Chris already. Mike, instead of interviewing these guests, is having conversations like he's at cocktail hour. Promoting himself the whole time, nothing but jokes, treating these two other Jets players like they're babies. Hardly asking any real questions, and now talking baseball with the Jets players??? What is he doing??

And also, didn't Mike join in on the Favre bashing for how he handled this off-season? I didn't hear him bring any of that up to Favre's face...Just atrocious.

Bill.... from Hauppauge said...

It seems like he is making a big effort to come across like "MR Nice Guy." If these shows are any indication of the future it is not good. Where is the energy, the arrogance,the controversy, the criticism. I think you will be getting that on SIRIUS 123 & XM 144 if his promo is any indication

Whatdoyouhave? said...

Yeah his new "jokey" personality is ridiculous. And that whole "Mr. T" thing was just weird too. Is this Mike trying to befriend people instead of just trying to let them know he is more important and knowledgeable then his canine cohost?

bigjf said...

And now all he's doing is patting himself on the back for those interviews and discussing the schedule with a very monotone monologue. Quite boring. This will be tough to keep watching.

Anonymous said...

Mike is crazy when it comes to the Yankees. Jeter may have had a great career, but he is having a HORRIBLE season. I do not want to hear about how jeter is a great hitter. He is a light singles hitter, with 7 homeruns. I love jeter, but lets call a spade a spade. Damon is good, not great, abreu is nothing special, arod is good when the games out of reach, giambi is batting .250, and cano may win a battle title....in winter ball.

I cant take it anymore!!!!

who am I kidding, I love it.

bigjf said...

Jeter is not having a HORRIBLE season. He raised his average to .295, so let's see what he does in September before we determine what kind of season he had.

I'm not sure exactly what Cano's stats are since the all-star break, but they're much better than the first half of the season. But yes, he needs to be much better.

Giambi is OPSing .900 this season. That's a great year!

A-Rod, as usual, has bad "clutch" numbers, but is OPSing 1.000!

For someone who is not a great hitter, Damon has a .385 OBP, .835 OPS out of the leadoff spot. Pretty damn good. Would like to see more steals though with Jeter's high number of GIDP.

Abreu is not having a great year, not the kind of year for a hitter out of the 3-hole, but he is having a decent year at the plate.

I tend to wear the rose colored glasses as well with the Yankees, but those are the numbers...

Anonymous said...

Jeter has grounded into the most double plays in the entire league. He is having a bad year. Throw in his 7 homeruns, and 55 rbi's, and its a bad bad bad season.

bigjf said...

Jeter is batting out of the 2-hole, he's not going to have a whole heck of a lot of RBI's, he missed a few weeks on the DL, he's never been a big homerun hitter, and he's always grounded into a lot of double plays. That just comes with all the contact he makes. That's why they need to put the runner in motion with him at the plate. Meanwhile, everybody's hero, Vlad Guerrero, has hit into 5 more double plays than Jeter and currently has a lower OBP this year than Jeter (though a much higher slugging).

jerkface said...

I don't think the "new Mike" is going to last much longer. At least, I hope not. He's not a terribly witty, funny, or even a nice guy; his strengths are being an arrogant asshole and antagonizing the callers. Go with your strengths, Mike. What's next, he does the show in a smoking jacket?

Johnny said...

Mike's fawning over the Yankees is sickening. He acts like it's still 1996-2000. Since choking away the 2001 World Series in the 9th inning to Arizona, the Yankees haven't won shit. Wax poetic about Aaron Boone, but the Marlins spanked the Yanks asses in the 2003 World Series. Mike only trusts teams that win, but THIS Yankee team hasn't won a damn thing.

Jeter is having a sub-par season. Stats don't always tell the story. If you watch every Yankee game, you can see that Jeter is really nothing more than a singles hitter. This is a guy who once hit 24 homers and has driven in 100 RBI in his career. Now, he is going to get about 10 and 65. Not bad, but not great. Batting average is an overrated stat. Last year Pudge hit over .280 but his on-base pct was about .290. Detroit drove him to the airport they were so excited to get rid of him.

This team is what it is---a 3rd place team. Sure, they could hot. Mike said they need to go 26-12 to get the Wild Card and of ocurse they will, because Mike knows all. Of course, now they have to go 26-11 because Damon killed them tonight in Toronto. The Yanks are closer to fourt in the AL East than they are to the Wild Card, so calm down Mikey.

When Mike gives statements rather than ask questions like he did with Favre it's sad. Today was a day where he needed the Dog.

But, what can WFAN do? They just signed Mike for five more years. Is there a buyout? I think Michael Kay has a chance to inch up in the ratings. he could never beat both of them, but he might get close enough to Mike where WFAN recoils.

Sirius Radio, here I come?