Friday, August 15, 2008

Not on my watch

Jo once asked Lt. Sam Weinberg, 'Why do you hate them so much?' Weinberg responded in kind, 'Why do you like them so much?' Well, this sort of sums up the conundrum which is Mike and the Mad Dog. Anywho, the point is love 'em or hate 'em, we remain dedicated to them. I don't care if one is digging ditches(not that there is anything wrong with that) and the other is selling his ass outside Hogs and Heifers.

We want to be clear. Crystal clear that the beat goes on with us here at Mike and the Mad Blog. We will cover Mike as a solo artist and we will track Chris and potentially purchase a subscription to Sirius if necessary.

One thing is for certain we will NOT be changing the name of this blog. We like it. And would any of you go to a site called Francesca on the Fan Blog? Neither would we.

So read away, we got you covered.


KBilly said...

I have Sirius and love it. I got it for Howard, but I listen to the NFL channel just as much. They have an awesome comedy channel that just plays stand up. Whatever sort of music you want is there (Even a 24 hour Springsteen channel for Doggie). And if/when he ends up there, I'll listen to him more than Mike, who I'll probably listen to only on Monday afternoons in football season. Outside of M&MD, I haven't listened to terrestrial radio for the past few years anyway. Doggie is just more entertaining than Mike.

wtsherman said...


sirius kinda sucks - there's always the charitable "benefit of the doubt" case to be made for it: but I think it sucks. Listening to Sirius NFL Radio's 2 Minute Drill w/ Adam Schein or whoever will kill a young man I find; in general, people listen to Howard there. It's frequently hard to receive reception too. My brother, and boss, and friend all have it and they often struggle just to hear what we hope is shitty Howard at an opportune carving of West Coast Feed at 10 AM. It sucks.

Raw comedy sucks too. You listen for three weeks and you've heard it all. After you've heard it all you must then listen to the "comedic stylings" of Jim Brewer and the prospect of "voting" on who is the better comedian: "sixteen seed Margaret Cho" vs. "exciting one seed George Carlin". It's really bad

Satellite sucks, Howard usually takes Friday off too. I love Howard and Artie, but in all fairness I believe most people who have actually gone off and bought Sirius all try and just sell it to not look like a chump for buying a bunch of garbage.

....there really is nothing worse than an obseqious, self-serving Howard rant about "satellite radio being the 'medium' of the future."

wtsherman said...


I'm not trying to be totally belligerent. I'm just pissed off, not about what you say, just about Mike and Chris. Hell, I'll probly be the first to go out and snatch a Sirius. Let's be fair, when you get it into a groove, the satellite is easy to have work. the problem is that sometimes you're in a tricky spot and it JUST isn't easy to make work. But I love Dog and will go thru alotta pains to ensure that I hear Dog again and often, as much as possible.

mandingo said...

I got Sirius for Howard too, and am kind of regretting it. I stopped listening to him a few years ago when he became a starfucker ("So I'm at Spago and Lenny Kravitz is begging me to come over to his table") and endlessly promoting himself ("Howard, a building collapsed in lower Manhattan." "I hope Tim Stack from 'Son of the Beach' wasn't in it.") but gave him another chance. Now that he can do and say whatever he wants, the edge is gone. He's just another shallow celebrity now, only concerning himself with his image, more money, and more perks.

I'm looking forward to Dog's show, though, because I think it will be an inside joke among those of us in the NY area; people in Texas and Cali will wonder what this strange little man is cackling about, but we'll know.

bigjf said...

Is the merger between the two satellite companies complete yet? My family has a monthly subscription, so maybe I'll look into getting a new receiver in my car that's equipped with it (since I pretty much need a new one anyway). Is there some kind of antenna I need to add with it? I know basically nothing about satellite radio, but I would be interested in being able to hear all the baseball games and everything else. I mean, I guess it would be worth it since my parents pay the monthly fee for the service anyway...

gabagool said...

Who in Gods name would EVER purchase ANYTHING for Howard? (except earplugs) Yeah, hes talented allright. Lets throw cold cuts at chicks asses and see if they stick......OMG.

If there is someone LESS deserving than our stupid and fat friends here its this arsehole. (But he said that he'll DO IMUS' GOLDDIGGER WIFE AS SHE LEAVES HIM... I must admit I admire that, especially the part when he says he'll dump her as soon as he's done with her...nice touch.

ray ray said...

Wow, Mandingo, I haven't thought about Son of the Beach in a long time. That was the reason why I stopped listening to Stern too! That show f*cking sucked, but he would not shut up about it. Even Stern fanboys like my brother-in-law hated it.

It reminded me of his failed Fartman movie. If you can't get a stupid f*cking movie like that made at the height of your popularity, you're a naive, clueless prima donna. Larry the Cable Guy is making movies, for God's sake!

KBilly said...

Wow, no love for Sirius. I love it. My biggest beef w/ M&MD has been the commercials. They's do a solid 12 minutes to start the show, but after that, and especially after 3:30, you couldn't get 5 minutes without a commercial break. They would return from a break at 4:55, do a live commercial, take one call and then break again at 4:58...Back at 5:03, take one call and break at 5:07...return at 5:11 and take one more break before taking another at 5:18. Five commercial breaks in a half hour. And in those five breaks, I'd hear Cars for Kids at least twice. Sirius has NONE of that.

KBilly said...

gabagool, you don't seem to like anyone on the radio.

gabagool said...


Ha! Yeah, Im sorry, it does seem that way. The guys I like, everyone else finds boring. You see, I want SPORTS TALK, not comedy, yelling, screaming, chick talk, nothing.

Thats NOT todays radio personality, I guess.

I will admit, the one thing M and the MD NEVER did, which I appreciate, is this stupid GUY TALK shit that Mike and Mike do, that Joe and Even know, mention a chick and BOOM, its like two fucking 13 year olders. Frig that.

But, youre right, I know thats how I come off.

I like:
Joe D
Richard Neer

They talk sports. Neer is calm and respectful and Joe D knows MORE than MMD will EVER know.

They rest, I can take em or leave em, except for MMD.