Friday, August 15, 2008

The Next Handwave

Mike said this a short while ago talking about the fans:

"You can come on and talk about whatever you want. We do owe it all to you. 19 years and as much as you think we impacted your life, you impacted ours more."

So, how long will it take Mike to give his first handwave to a caller? Will he give callers a grace period for a few days? 10 seconds instead of the customary 5?


Kevin Marciano said...

does anyone know what will happen with Bar A next week? I have planned to go with my friend for months

KBilly said...

Doggie's Dad crying? Who knew that the Russo clan were all a bunch of pansies?

KBilly said...

I see the massive picture of Doggie is still up in the studio.