Thursday, August 21, 2008

"So What Do We Do? What Do We Do?"

Yes, I have just quoted a line from the character Andrew Largeman from the movie Garden State which i am still uncertain if i liked or not, although my cousin told me that it was his generations version of the Graduate. I didn't necessarily believe that, but he is very smart. But, the reason i put those words "what do we do" into Google and came up with this quote is because I believe we as fans of the show formerly known as Mike and the Mad Dog need to answer this question.
I know you want answers, I'll simply give you the truth. (you see what i did there?)

We at Mike and the Mad Blog have decided to put an end to the Mike Francesca solo show is boring talk. The truth is, the show is boring. Mike is not as good as Chris solo, nor does he currently have the necessary big issue happening to give him a charge. He's boring. You know it. We know it. Let's all move on.

So What Do We Do? What Do We Do? Feel free to discuss how much you love Chris Russo and how you are going to install Sirius radio in every single room of your office and potentially on parts of your anatomy. Feel free to even buy subscriptions for us, your kind friends at Mike and the Mad Blog.
So What Do We Do? What Do We Do? Are you saying we cannot call Mike out for being arrogant, egomanical, ill informed or egomanical? NO SIR. Please continue to do that. You may also at all times site facts to prove him wrong. We love this.

To end, I return to where I began with the modern day Graduate, the Zach Braff opus, Garden State to answer the question that is the topic for this post.

Andrew Largeman: Let's just talk about good stuff.
Sam: Good stuff?
Andrew Largeman: Yeah. Glass half full shit. What do you got?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I guess we've made the point about Mike's solo show sucking.

(As for Garden State, not a fan. To use SAT lingo, Zach Braff is to funny as Mad Dog is to knowledgeable about football.)

TheNextBestThing1 said...

We have all come to the realization this solo bit has to come to an end..This show is terrible..Mike sounds like "he is not a patch on Chris Russo's fanny." But there are two sad truths to this thing.

1. We will continue to listen to his arrogant ass, as long as we have to pay money to listen to Dog...and i think Mike knows that we wont pay to listen to Dog so he ll do what he wants cuz he is not in danger of losing his audience. And some asshole caller which tried to rip Dog by asking mike a tennis question to soon asshole whoever u were.

2. Mike will never admit that he misses or that he needs Christopher Russo, but WFAN will let him as soon as his show gets pushed out of that slot a few months down the road. YES already knows he is gonna hit the fan solo thats why they are not gonna renew contract. Score one for Russo..

Gene said...

Here is the deal boys. I was a very big fan of the show. However, I can't listen all day due to my job. I used to come home, work out, and watch on tivo, while forwarding through all the commercials.

Could I get Sirius if I wanted it? Yes. Would I get it for Dog alone? No. Even if I would, I would not be able to listen to him. I go to an office everyday and I don't think me running a satellite receiver in there would be too subtle.

I used to love Stern, but when he went to Sirius, I just could not listen anymore.

As for Mike, I have always said Chris was better solo. I even think the fans that said they liked Mike better solo, are going to admit they were wrong once they have to hear that drone, EVERY DAY.

He was sometimes a nice change of pace from the manic Russo, but you put that on five days as week and it might as well be a test signal.

This has been a sad year as I have lost two of my broadcast tradition... Meet the Press and M&MD. I can't listen to either one of them in the new format.

By the way, what in the heck will Chris put on the air for 24 hours a day? Will Snappy get her own show? TImmy Russo?

Sorry for the stram of conciousness, but I am getting ready to check out for good. BTW, this is a great blog.

Jason said...

mikes biggest problem is his beloved yankees are embarassing themselves this summer, while his hated mets are playing like a $203 million team. if the mets were struggling, and the yanks were being the yanks, fatso would be having a cow (pun intended) over the mets and would be all mr "smug we have 26 rings" self.

fatso is always boring when the yanks are losing. he should maybe go on a hunger strike until they win another two games in a row. his heart and knees could use it.

bigjf said...

I didn't like Garden State either. Outside of Scrubs, I'm not a Zach Braff fan.

Jason said...

oh yeah, i thought garden state started off real strong (esp the party at his friends house in the beginning) but the wheels completely fell off towards the middle and end. its the kind of movie that people say they loved only because it was the cool thing to like anything zach braff at the time.

Whatdoyouhave? said...

Mike: You're a lousy stinking talkshow host Chris!
Dog: You boys are going down, Mike. I can't stop it anymore.