Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Now we are awfully proud of our very own, First Time Long Time for laying down the gauntlet with Mike today but Mike has now gone from "talk to me in August" to "prove it in September."

So what I would like to do is call in and make a little wager with Mr Francesca.

Here's the bet:

I bet Mike that Tampa will not only win the AL East but will make it to the ALCS (now that's a pretty tough bet considering that Carl Crawford is out for the season and Evan Longoria just went on the DL).

If that happens, Tampa will have been successful in August, successful in September and successful in October and thus Mike has to TALK TO US, MIKE AND THE MAD BLOG in November in an EXCLUSIVE interview with Mike and the Mad Blog that we will post and put on the site.

Now when discussing this with my pal First Time Long Time, he asked a very important question... "What do we give him?"

At first I said that we would make a donation to his favorite charity, but I think we need to be a little bit more creative than that...

That's where you come in... What do we give Mike if Tampa does not make it to the ALCS? And please, let's be more creative than a keg of Diet Coke.

Suggestions please..


KBilly said...

Wasting your time. Mike wouldn't agree to it.

KBilly said...

But, how about offering to bet $2 on each his horse's opponents (thus upping his payout should his horse win) for one year.

First Time, Long Time said...

I'm not sure if Mike would agree to anything involving betting...

KBilly said...

Heyman, oh leave me alone you know
Heyman, oh John, get off the phone, I gotta
Heyman, I gotta straighten my face
Heyman, my schooldays insane
Heyman, my work's down the drain
Heyman, well she's a total blam-blam
Heyman, John, don't be unkind, go away
Heyman, I can't take you this time, no way
Heyman, doggie don't crash here

Anonymous said...

Someone should tell Mike that Baseball Prospectus projected the Rays to win 89 games this year before the season started. So it wasn't a complete surprise to those with half a brain.

repoz said...

"Baseball Prospectus projected the Rays to win 89 games"

Other Sabersystem predictions of Tampa Bay's win total.

Diamond Mind - 80

CHONE - 88

PECOTA (BPro) - 86

The Hardball Times - 81

ZiPS (Baseball Primer) - 78

As usual Francesspoool is way off base with NOBODY predicting a .500 season from T.B.

David said...

You are assuming Mike is relevant in November.

By then, we'll have Dog and [insert NewMike here].

bigjf said...

LOL, "talk to me in November" about this bet...

But seriously, if you went on the air and offered Mike a keg of Diet Coke, I'd be rolling on the floor in stitches!

Anonymous said...

Pecota was actually 88.


Anonymous said...

here: http://tinyurl.com/6q8hol

would like to send this one to francespool.

Anonymous said...

and that article was posted before the Rays signed Percival...I think on opening day he bumped it up to 90 wins.