Friday, August 15, 2008

What We Have Learned So Far

Literacy in the New York area has gone up during Mike and the Mad Dog's 19 years. Mike and the Mad Dog saved lives. Chris deceived all of us with his deceitful ways. Mike’s new partner will constantly be reminded of Chris. Imus is a heartless prick who took charities away from Mike and Chris. Tony has a special ‘Santa Fe’ line. The russo’s are criers. Mike pretends to be one. Callers love to kiss their asses. Lawrence Tynes will not kick in the Giants exhibition game. Chris won his golf flight the other day even after he whiffed one shot. Mike and Chris 'know' each other better than their respective wives do(potential hint of a secret affair 19 years ago?).


KBilly said...

Mad Dog Russo Dancing

bigjf said...

Mike won't have a new partner. He said that, we learned it.

gabagool said...


Bull. The station knows that someone with ABSOLUTELY NO PERSONALITY OR WIT can't carry this show off by themselves. These two losers had each other to push off the hating. One day callers hated Chris, the next day, they hate Mike.

Now the lardass has NOONE to blame when the ratings drop. Think about it.....this show has NO WAY TO GO but down.....Mikes gonna need a fall guy. They will be announcing a search for a partner soon. It's inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Mike is being all gracious today, almost humble, because he is trying to suck people in, hoping they stay with him for September. Chernoff probably told him that he had to address everything, and that, "No Mike, you will be in the chair tomorrow, you can't hide in Saratoga over this one."

bigjf said...

I don't know, gabba, you might be right, but it's pretty odd that Mike specifically mentioned he won't have another partner, it sounded as though that deal is already in place.

I also think Mike would be the first to tell you he expects the ratings to drop. There's no way to expect to maintain the same success with Dog gone. It sounds like he may have some guests, maybe guest hosts, but I don't know that there will be a permanent partner in place. I'd laugh if they stuck him with Carton.