Friday, August 15, 2008


The guy on the Sports Sprint on YES even seemed stunned, fumbling Mike’s name when saying “Mike Francesca is up next…” (excuse the typos below.. )

Here we go… And WE HAVE THE THEME SONG!!! But to a scenic of the empire state building.


You know for 19 years, a week short, that is how we welcomed new York to this program, every day and most days. That was the sound that beckoned everyone to the start of the Mike and the Mad Dog radio program. As you learned last night that the Mike and the Mad Dog raido program will be no more as dog has decided to move on. The response has been to me overwhelming. We started this show on September 5th 1989.. It was a shotgun wedding and almost a quickie divorce, we did not get along in the beginning. The show was considered to be a collassal misjudgement early. But by 9 months in we were the toast of the town. Fortunately for Dog and myself it remained that. It has remained the show that has been at the top of th e ratings because of you. Iknow for many of you and for me and for Dog, this is a very sad occasion. What makes radio so special it allows you into people’s lives in a very personal way. They feel your anger they get angry with you. They feel your pain when something go wrong in your life. They are jubilant when something good happen. In 19 years we have expeirrneced a lot here. Not only our fights which seem to get accentuated. But remember, five or six nasty squabbles in 19 years is not that many. We have gone through marriages, we have gone through the birth of 7 children, the passing of loved ones. We have gone through some very memorable days with you with us all the while. And thankfully we were able to be here all those years and become the fabric, part of the fabric of this great city and part of the foundation. Someone who called me said that you and dog became the sports soundtrack of everyone lives during 19 years. That mike and the mad dog became a must listen was always appreciated and never taken for granted and a part of our lives forever. Anything else that happens in our lives, I am 54 years and just agreed to stay here five more years, and after a quick vacation, I will put together a new show that will have new elements. I have said that I will never have another partner and I won’t. That’s not the idea. The idea is for me to have some folks along that can offer some opinions, have some fun, offer some different perspectives and personality. And I am looking forward to it. We haven’t talked to anyone, we haven’t even discussed it. We have not even talked to anyone and we are in no rush. We will put together a name, some jingles, some people to join us on the program as we go along.

First I want to tell you that I know what you are feeling because I feel it to. This show has been a major part of my life, my heart for 19 years. So many of the days have been so special. Don’t think for a second that dog and I have been fortunate to hit everything in new York to be a part of this and to have the lasting effect that it has had for 19 years. We were number 1 within nine months when we came on and we were number 1 this winter and this spring. The most important part is when you have someone tell you that I grew up with your show, I learned about sports listening to your show, I was home sick, from a job, listening to your show, you have been a part of my day every day for 20 years. And a guy who said that I lost my job and didn’t feel good about myself but at least I have you guys to be there for m e so that I could look forward to it. And frankly that is what the show has given me for 20 years , something to look forward to. It has been a pleasure doing it and honor doing it and something that we never took for granted. I know that sometimes we may have seem like we did and we were wrong. But don’t think for a second that we haven’t understood and respected and loved the relationship we had with the audience. The idea that this city would allow us to have a show that lasted this long. Everyone talks about 19 years. 19 years is a long time to be a part of a team. It’s not always easy to be a part of a team. There were times when I was not a good partner, many times. And I am sure that Dog felt the same way. But don’t think for a second that we haven’t loved every minute of this. And I heard the folks this morning talking about what happened and.. it’s a silly show and I understand that it has become a part of people’s lives and that is the greatest part that anyone can give us that we have become a part of the soundtrack of the city, of something that became must listening

Why did it happen, our relationship might be part of it, opportunities, our contracts were coming to an end, the stations has gone thru a lot of upheaval.. A lot of opportunities presented to both of us… I really wanted to stay. I want to finish. I want to finish my career here. I wanted to hopefully begin and end this career at this one station. It’s very important to me. Dog decided to take a different avenue. We have had our up and downs and had a hard time these last sixth months, but you know what we have lawyas been able to work together. And this afternoon I am going to open up the phone lines and answer any question you have and you can call and talk about the program, ask any question you want I will answer as honest as I can. When I came on that day at Yankee Stadium, I said the show was at the crossroads and I thought it was. When dog addressed the audience originally he did not know what is going to happen.

(some stuff here about the stations)

The way that I look at it is this. I could not be prouder of anything than of the work that we have put forth here the last 19 years. Mike and the Mad Dog probably happens to you once in a life time and happens to very few people onece in a life time. It is a very special gift and has been a very special gift. I will move forward from here…

Take the time after labor day and put together a new show. I know that I have been left the best piece of sports real estate in this town. Dog made it that way. I made it that way. If I would left with dog, whoever would have taken over would have wlaked into a situation and received the same piece of real estate. With it comes pressure to live up to what we created with Mike and the Mad Dog. Dog will go on, he will make some announcements with his future. He is not retiring he has some kids to put through school. He has a lot of country clubs to join, a lot of tennis balls to hit.

I think that you will get a chance to ask hi why he made the decision that he did. I will not answer his questions because that’s not fair. I will take all your calls today. Nothing is out of bounds.

First we are going ot take a quick break and then we are because I thought it was important and might have over stepped our ground with a corporation.. when we come back Dog will be with us!!!!

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i can only say this,you suck for breaking up,I would give an arm to have your job,you were great together,get over it and get back together,nothing cant be fixed,you have 20 years together,you can heal......bob at