Friday, August 15, 2008

RIP: Pipe Down

Chris Russo's Terminology, 19 years (1989-2008):

Former talk show host Chris Russo's terminology passed away yesterday at approximately 6:43PM. A funeral service will be held at WFAN studios in Astoria. Among the phrases to be buried will be:

- Anddd Goood Afternooon Everybodyyyyy!
- Pipe down
- Is anybody alive out there
- This idea
- Terrible job
- Stinks
- Be Careful
- Be Fair
- Tough spot
- Tricky spot
- Loosey Goosey
- Timmy
- I can't go too crazy
- Bad job
- The whole bit
- Scenario
- Lincecum
- Fanny
- The world of sports
- Away we go
- Say Something Funny

Eulogy to be performed by John Minko.


gman26 said...

Be fair, FTLT. I think that Mike has co-ownership to a couple of these phrases. Be careful,
Tough and Tricky spot were equally used. Like if someone would call in to say that Melky could be the next Bernie, Mike would definitely jump in with a 'be careful'. Any other phrases that they shared?

lt sam weinberg said...

how about Mike and the Mad Dog. That one is dead. Or Mike and the mad dog radio program. That's more dead.

gabagool said...

So what if they got along like Martin and Lewis? And so what if they benefited from a media market - the world's largest - that could never provide genuine competition?

Mushnick JUST STATED A TRUTH, PERFECTLY. No real comp. To think this imbecile and his orca the whale partner lasted this long. They BOTH used up A LIFETIME OF GOOD LUCK. Its all down hill from here, boys.........and I could not be happier.

gman26 said...

Well, Gaba is dancing on their graves. Anyone else happy that Stockton and Malone are breaking up?

gabagool said...

And as full of himself as he is, this fat focker is shitting his pants right now. Sure, he do his regular blowhard act, but inside he knows that MMD show has only one direction to go, and thats down. And the whale is smart enough to know that. In time, and I don't think it will be too long, he's gonna go BEHIND the scene and ASK to get a new partner, if only to blame things on.

And I will NOW, official end my sub to Sir. Radio.....just because.

Anonymous said...

Three words to add:

gabagool said...

Ha Gman-

I know, I know, I don't get carried away with how much I hate these guys, sorry man. But, do I hate em? Uhmmmm......yes. I hate them.

Mike, on his own!??!? Ha!! Thats laughable. With HIS sparkling personality and wit?

Did you catch yesterdays show, taking calls from Yankee haters? Mike is AT HIS WORST WHEN HE HAS TO DEPEND ON QUICK WITTY RESPONSES, like he had to yesterday. Seriously, have you EVER listened to guy with such a BAD sense of humor? I mean, this guy HAS NO PERSONALITY. It was his KNOWLEDGE(when he had the drive to come prepared)that got him started. Now, he has limited knowledge, NO WIT, NO HUMOR, NO PERSONALITY. Its just a matter of time where he or even the station, get him someone, he ABSOLUTELY isn't qualified to do it on his own.

Anonymous said...

The main difference is that Mad dog can laugh at himself while Mike can't. Don't feel bad for either... will both be making astronomical money for the next couple of years