Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Can I See That First?

Let's ride the Russo Rays bandwagon. Doggie's got the math figured out (even if he is making it up - don't focus on that part):

"The Rays are now 45-17 in their own building...if they go 14-5 (at home the rest of the way), that would give them 82 wins. They have 30 (left) on the road...if they go 10-20 on the road...thats 92 wins. You tell me the yankees to get 92, have to go get to 93 and win the division outright, they got to go 32-17. Can I see that first? Can I see that first? Can I see that?"

Mikey, how are those Rays doing now that it's August? Sidenote: Chris mentioned Mike is back on Monday. Let's hope Tampa has a strong finish to the week so that we can talk to Mr. Francesa about the Rays. I mean, it is August after all.


Anonymous said...

i love that lil rebel rouser.

Anonymous said...

Because they won today, is it now 13 - 5?

First Time, Long Time said...

nope. russo updated this after the Rays win.