Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Heyman riding the wave of his first actual scoop of the season on the behind the scenes story of the Manny trade, refuses to acknowledge the Rays.

(quick side note: No inside information on Joba. Wouldn't that be something he would want to try to get prior to his 4pm spot with Chris?)

This is Heyman on the Rays, clearly speaking with Mike Francesca threatening to not allow him to appear on the Mike Francesca Show after September 2nd, if he speaks well of the Rays:

"Tampa is just Tampa. They have obviously done a great job, they have a much better team than anyone thought. They don't have pitchers who have pitched 200 innings before. They've won a lot here and maybe some of the luck will even out."

So there you have it, TAMPA IS JUST TAMPA.

Thanks Jon, it's all clear now. Crystal.


Bill.... from Hauppauge said...

You Guys are way too hard on Heyman. He has had many "scoops" going back a long time. He was my must "must read" with Newsday for years!

First Time, Long Time said...

Bill...Are you really Jon Heyman?

gabagool said...

As I pointed out in a post yesterday.

If Jackie Gleason says Farve will only play in Minn, you can bet Favre
ends up in TB or Jets.

Therefore, if Orca says TB Rays will fade, bet the house on the Sox and Yanks battling for the wild card, and THATS not a guarantee no matter what the Long Island loser says.

Anonymous said...

Heyman, just because you didn't see the Rays being good doesn't mean "nobody did."

baseball prospectus projected them to win 89 games as well.