Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bizarre Comment of the Day

This one from Doggie talking about Jason Bay resigning with Boston:

"You would think that he would like Boston because of the fact that it's a good baseball town. He's out of Pittsburgh now. Got the left field wall. You would think Bay would be smart enough, he's a good kid, he's Canadian, you would think Bay would be smart enough if the Red Sox came calling to him this year in the offseason to listen but Boras' clients normally don't listen, so who knows."

Now what do you think is the bizarre comment in that statement? I'll give you a clue..."he's a good kid, he's Canadian."

What does being from Canada have to do with being a good kid?


Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to be funny or wrongfully accuse Dog, but that is his barely concealed racism at work. Quite simply, by Canadian, he means white.

David said...

I was awaiting for the 'he is Canadian' comment to make its way onto the was very funny when he said it, and even funnier that he never went back and mocked himself.

And Mr. Anonymous, please, puh-leeze, go about your business elsewhere. What you see as 'barely concealed' is more accurately seen as 'longest accusatory stretch'.

Quite simply, just get along and put down your pot-stirrer.

Brian said...

Usually this is a case where Dog will use "the whole bit."

He should have said, "That Jason Bay, he's a good kid, he's a smart kid, the whole bit. He should like playing in Boston."

Dog tried to prove to us that he could make a point without using a phrase from the MMD glossary, and he got burned.

gman26 said...

Jason Bay, Ben Johnson, John Candy, the whole bit.

gabagool said...

Sorry, but I agree with anonymous.

gabagool said...


Anonymous said...

David, you don't listen to Dog much, do you? His assuming that Sean Taylor was a fatherless street thug (he was actually the opposite) is Dog in a nutshell.

David said...

I never said he hasn't gone down that road before - he has, certainly (I have listened to him and them for a long long time)...I just thought this 'example' was a reeeeeaaaaaal reach.

Moving on.