Wednesday, August 6, 2008


What's with the caller preamble on Mike and the Mad Dog? I know that callers are trying to, by announcing their intentions early on, buy time on the call, but do you really think that it helps?

(editors note: the other awful preamble are the callers who run down their stats of being a Yankee fan since.. or a Met fan since.. and they always tend to list not only the year but specific players to make themselves sound more legit. As if I couldn't look up the 27 Yankees and say, I've been a Yankee fan since the beginning of Gehrig's streak. No one needs your credentials, your a caller on a radio show. Your only biography is your name and your location.)

Caller: Hi there Chris, first time long time, I have 3 points on the Mets and another Yankee point.

Chris: What do you have Bobby?

Caller: First on the Mets, how could Omar not make a trade during the break?

Chris: Did the Brewers make a trade? How about the Cardinals? The Phillies, and I am not counting Joe Blanton? What about the Diamondbacks?

Caller: No, they didn't..

Chris: I know Mets fans want to blame Omar, but if a deal was so easy everyone would be making them. Thanks Bobby, you get back to us now.

EDDIE ERICKSON (in a panic interupts) CHRIS, didn't you hear him when he first called, he has TWO MORE METS POINTS AND A YANKEE POINT.

Chris: Eddie, ohhhh.. i forgot, i forgot...Bobby you still there? Bobby? TERRIBLE JOB OUT OF ME.

The lesson as our pal FIRST TIME LONG TIME has proven during his lengthy discussions with Chris when he was able to debate Chris on Johan and plug this blog is that if you bring the goods and know your stuff, then you can hang in there. Have a point of view that's unique, have numbers to back up your arguement.

You are never, NEVER getting through your 18 comments, 4 questions, and one hilarious story about Skip Carey and his first wife. It ain't going to happen, so save the preamble, bring a strong arguement and let it fly.

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tool said...

When Chris is alone, he generally lets the callers make all their points. Mike, on the other hand, rarely lets the caller bring up more than one topic before cutting them off.

I would never start a call by telling Mike how many points I want to make. Then again, you can't keep saying, "and one more thing..." or even worse, wait for Mike to answer and then blow it off by saying, "Yeah, OK. Now, about the Tyree catch ..." In fact, I'd advise not calling Mike altogether unless it's to pick a fight with him.