Monday, August 11, 2008


When Herm Edwards was coaching the Jets, Mike and Chris would often scream about how bad Herm was with managing the clock and this was true. Herm was not so good at the skill of watching the clock and making the most out of the time you have left in the game.

What we are learning today that Mike Francesca also has issues with time management. Here is the scenario. You are hosting a sports radio show, in New York, you only have 90 minutes to spend talking about sports and the topics that New York fans want to hear. The challenge is how are you going to break up that show. Well first, you have to look at the various topics and see which ones deserve attention and which ones don't. You have to factor in the 20/20 updates, commercial breaks and the amount of time it takes a caller to say hello and for you to wave them off the air. A lot of balls in the air. Just like our man Herm Edwards.

The Topics are:

1. Mets bullpen blows a game today:
2. The Yankees blown out three in a row by the Angels and 8.5 back in the AL East
3. The Olympics opening ceremonies
4. The Olympics ratings
5. The Olympics gymnastics
6. PGA Championship

How has Mike handled this: He has dedicated the show to the Mets and then spent essentially equal time on the other collapsing New York baseball team and Olympics, PGA Championship, Bruce Springsteen at the Super Bowl and other random topics.

I would clasify that as poor clock management. I am going to call it Herm Edwards-esque.

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Anonymous said...

anyone know the medical test Mike had that led him to discover he needed immediate medical attention for his heart?