Monday, August 4, 2008


It’s Dog solo on the FAN today as Mark Chernoff considers the petition in front of him sent by us earlier this morning. I wonder if Doggie practices his open during the car ride in from New Canaan... “The Mets are an enigma. That’s why you can’t trust them. Terrible job this weekend. Terrible. The bullpen stinks. Wagner stinks. The offense isn’t that good. Perez stinks. That’s why the Mets will never sign him after this year. I’m down on the Mets. This Ryan Church thing is a mess. How’s that “lifted weight in the clubhouse with Jerry Manuel” working out now? The Mets are an enigma. I don’t trust them. Tremendous job by the Phillies. They showed a lot of fight and guts this weekend. Great, great job by Lidge this year. Ahh listen, if you’re a Yankee fan, you wanna go crazy about a split with the Angels? Okay. But I do NOT trust that bullpen in a big spot. And one more thing...this idea that Brett Favre is now going to be welcomed back as the starting quaterback is an absolute joke. A TERRIBLE job by Favre. The kid’s been waiting years to play. I’m down on Favre. TERRIBLE job by him. Enough already with this Favre stuff. ENOUGH!!!"


gabagool said...

Is this poetic license or did all this verbal vomit occur in 10 minutes?

First Time, Long Time said...

gaba...i was just speculating on what russo was thinking on his car ride in to work...but he pretty much said those things anyway

gabagool said...

Not predictable.

NJ first time listener said...

and that is why i can't stand Chris Russo.

Let the kid play? If the kid was better, he will play. If not, the MVP runner up of last year should play.

*love the blog