Monday, August 11, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: MIKE HAS LIFE (hidden shot at Russo)

One thing that you will notice when Mike and Chris are solo they take little shots at each other. Last week it was Russo knocking Manny and saying that he didn't care what Mike said.

Now today it's Mike with a little swipe at Dog. Mike reported the news that Bruce Springsteen would be playing the Super Bowl and made the comment that he could also "report on Springsteen," but he added "i don't give setlists, I HAVE A LIFE."

These little swipes continue to be evidence that all is not good with the boys. Now, you might say hold on now, they are just playing around with each other, but i have to believe that the skin is pretty thin on these two and that they find out about these little swipes. I am sure Mike is none too happy that Russo took the time while Mike was away that the Yankees are dead.

Which will happen first: The Rays clinch the AL East or Mike and Chris admit that they are breaking up?


KBilly said...

New countdown for ya: TB Rays Magic # to clinch the AL East: 41

Bill.... from Hauppauge said...

But worse of all,Mike has been showing for a good period of time now, a definite lack of interest in all of this. Seems to me like he tired of it all, and above it all.

bigjf said...

Waltzing around the stables and threatening your horse trainer does not constitute the notion of having a life.

I agree, I think Mike has lost a passion to do the show. Whether he is just tired of the show itself or the kind of stuff they talk about everyday (hence the out of nowhere Dykstra interview...I'm sure Mike took a personal interest in that and probably made an investment or two with Lenny), Mike needs to move on.