Sunday, August 10, 2008

Say Something Funny Mike

Mr. Francesa,

In case you haven't noticed, it's now approaching mid-August and the Tampa Bay Rays are still in first place. Not only that, but get this Mikey, Tampa is 71-46, 8 1/2 games ahead of the Yankees. Let me simplify that for you, that's 9 games back in the loss column. Sorry Mike, that's not a typo. That's NINE games behind the Rays in the loss column. And oh by the way, the Bombers are 4 games behind the Red Sox for the Wild Card. The same Red Sox that you have repeatedly declared a better team than your pinstriped heroes.

So Mike, what gives? You told us that you wouldn't talk about Tampa until August. Well August came, and you neglected to mention the Rays in your one day of work. You did however, after the All-Star break, declare that Tampa was "already declining and was not good on the road." Well, at last check, the Rays are 16-7 since the break, including a 7-4 mark on the road. You also told Dog that the Rays would not play over .500 the rest of the season after the break. Hmm, looks like they are currently nine games over. Oh, and before you point to the fact that the Yankees overcame the same deficit last year, consider this: At this same date last season, the Yankees currently held the Wild Card birth and were just five games back of first in the AL East.

So what gives Mikey? Are you gonna talk about the Rays tomorrow? Because I, First Time, Long Time, will most certainly be calling you tomorrow to talk Tampa Rays baseball. Listen for me Mike, as I will be calling in as "August from Tampa" ready to talk about the Rays. It's August after all and the Rays are running away with the AL East. Say Something Funny Mike.


41 said...

"The Yankees are in excellent shape to make the playoffs - there's no one in front of them"

Mike said that only a few weeks ago. He'll blame the weather, or travel schedule, or bugs. Oh, I'm sorry, it's the injuries, as if Arod, Jeter, Abreu, Damon, Mussina, Rivera, Pudge, Chamberlain and Cano aren't enough. He'll forget that Angels don't have Escobar and didn't have Figgins for a long time (he still isn't 100%). Won't mention that with Twins are doing it without Santana and Hunter. Sox w/o Ortiz. Rays w/o Kazmir for the first month and no Baldelli and now Crawford on DL.

You're right. He should be all about the Rays tomorrow - it's an amazing baseball story.

Anonymous said...

We gotta find Bruce from Bayside, Mike from Montclair, or Val from Brooklyn (not an exclusive list) for the special number.

First Time, Long Time said...

41...Also, I am expecting Mike to say something like "let's see Tampuh do it now with the injuries, with Longoria banged up and Crawford now on the DL.."

Also, to add to your list, the Angels had no Lackey for a long time at the start of this year. I will try my best to get thru today. The Mets play at 1PM and then they will follow the game, so just hope the Mets don't blow a 5 run 9th inning lead, which then gives Mike something else to talk about.

KBilly said...

Mets game will be rained out. pouring/thunderstorms in NYC all day

Anonymous said...

Francesca is a worm. He will find a way to avoid talking about the Rays at all costs. Even if it involves bringing Ryan Braun or Faye Vincent in for an interview.