Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Chris set it up perfect for him. The bait was there for Mike to take:

Russo: The Red Sox might be more vulnerable than Tampa. They might be. I mean, Tampa has righted themselves fairly well here the last couple of weeks.

Francesa: It’s amazing the way the Angels have played.

The Angels? What about Tampa Mikey?? Say it. Spell it. T-A-M-P-A. C'mon Mike, I know you want to join the Rays party.


Dave White said...

I was cracking up watching that. It's hilarious.

jeff t. said...

I think Mike spells it T-A-M-P-E-R. (I'm allowed to make fun of the way he talks; I have the same accent.)

He MUST know that he's being taken to task for his "talk to me in August" crap. Dog probably does too, which is why he brought it up.