Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Fluke, The Thief, His Wife and the PSL.

So after an incredible post-season run, which included one of the greatest Super Bowl victories in history, Mike and the Mad Dog show went to Albany for Giants training camp. What did Mike and Chris do to celebrate the World Champion Giants? Sing their praises? Open with radio calls from the Super Bowl? Uh, no. Within 3 minutes, they brought out the idea 'that this team was a fluke'. I guess there is no room for sentimentality in their world. It's onto more negative things. They just kept going from there. How was training camp going for the Giants quest to repeat? Eh. Lots of rain. How about the Giants organization that was able to put together a championship team through crafty trades and sound free agent signings? A bunch of crooks who are trying to steal from the average Joe with these PSLs. How about the economy? It sucks so much that they are staying away from Saratoga. You can actually walk into the trendiest restaurant there without a reservation. For shame.

Yesterday(and today), Chris took ESPN to task for how they never criticize Favre. Too positive, he says. Well, anyone is too positive when compared to these negative Nellies. They literally cannot celebrate anything. What happened to being a fan? These two have had their souls sucked out of them, so they can only knock down others. Can't wait for the fluke theme to come up later in the day when they talk about the Rays. Ahhh....Maybe I am starting to think like some of our readers who are sick of them and can't wait for their breakup. Either way, there are days like this where they tire you out.

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