Friday, May 30, 2008

Animal Welfare on the Fan

This election there are several big issues, gas prices, the war in iraq, the economy but I want to make sure our candidates are focusing on another enormous issue. Homeless horses.

According to mike francesa, it is a huge problem.

"I take care of my horses but I can't find homes for all of them" mike said.

Chris Russo attempted to make a joke using a reference to the blockbuster movie Hildago, but Mike was not horsing around.

'This is a very serious problem,' Mike said as if he was talking about the yankees bullpen being cluttered with latroy hawkins and kyle farnsworth

So on behalf of mike we ask everyone to take up the cause. Barack, Mccain, Bush, Mr ed, everyone. Find a home for a horse. If you live in a fifth floor walk up, no problem the horse can do the steps. If you have just a studio, no problem, the horse is just a little bigger than a dog.

(note: This is a Lt. Sam Weinberg joint, but he can only type it on his Blackberry, not post it. So Gman26 is doing the honors.)

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Pronk said...

I'm here from, so I have to see how many posts you have before I decide to give you an "OMG, LOL" or a "handwave."

Just kidding, that was great stuff. I love how Mike makes it sound like one day soon, we'll be shooing stray racehorses away from our garbage cans.