Friday, May 16, 2008

5/16 On the eve of the Preakness, Col. Jessep, Francesa and Russo interview Eight Belles trainer Larry Porter:

Francesa: Mr. Porter, I had the pleasure of seeing your filly win the Grade II Fantasy Stakes just this spring.

Porter smiles and nods

Col. Jessep: Eight Belles?

Porter: Yes sir

Col. Jessep:
Well, what do you know. Dog, this man's filly made a lot of enemies down in your neck of the woods. Eight Belles vs Big Brown. The folks down there said a filly couldn't run with the boys in the Kentucky Derby. Eight Belles said we'll see about that. Last time I saw her, she was galloping across the finish line in second. How the hell is Eight Belles?

Porter: She was euthanized on the backstretch, sir.
Col. Jessep: Don't I feel like the fucking asshole?
Porter: Not at all sir.


First Time, Long Time said...

Gman, that is genius.

DF said...

I think that Colonel Jessep knew that Eight Bells was in grave danger.

And, no, there isn't any other kind.

Brian said...

You really gotta check out - it's this website with a Jack Nicholson soundboard that has over 10,000 clips of him from just about every movie he's been in, including A Few Good Men...It's pretty incredible, it would be right up your alley

Murphytronik said...

Here's an Eight Belles Song for you boys to the tune of Elizabeth Cotton's Freight Train