Friday, May 1, 2009


I tuned into Mad Dog Unleashed around the Two O'clock hour. I didn't listen long, but it was refreshing to hear Chris get fired up about the Celts/Bulls. He was replaying it and constantly saying, "I wouldn't be surprised if the Bulls won on Saturday." His open was fun and energetic. It was a stark contrast to the morbid atmosphere that inhabits Mike'd Up Francesa on the Fan, or MUFF.

Mike briefly touched on Game 6 of the Bulls/Celtics in his open. Even though this series is going down as one of most memorable in history of NBA, Mike must have his qualifiers. He has said that the series at times is 'not well-played' and on the air yesterday with Barkley, he called it 'bizarre'. He conceded that it was a great series, but he has a talent for sucking the positive vibe out of something. He bemoaned the Saturday night game time for game 7 saying, "The NBA is trying to hide their games now." At times like this, I say to myself, 'Is this guy that self-loathing?' I already know the answer.

So while Russo's show probably jetted off into an entertaining 5 hours, Mike got away from the NBA to lead with a very stale topic, the Mets. Of course, once he does this he invites callers who bring up his vendetta against Wright. As a result, the show takes on a negative feel, which permeates the airwaves, depressing the hell out of me. But I guess you reap what you sow.


Loki said...

Immediately out of the gate Mike also mentioned how "no one in New York really cares" about the Celtics/Bulls series. Perfect excuse for him not care either, and not to spend any time on it.

awesomesean said...

GMan...Of course this series is bizarre. He's dogged it 3 times already. Naturally, it's not him; it's the series. Funnily enough, his take on this series is very Simmonsesque and I don't know who is being insulted.

Anonymous said...

Uh, Mike has a regional audience and Russo has no audience (presumably a national one).

He's right: the NBA is a nonstarter, especially when depressed and suicidal Mets fans need to vent. It makes for a better program.