Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Chris: Anddddd Gooood Afternooon Everybody on this beautiful May day. ROW in Albany piggybacking. And how are you today Mike?

Mike: Fine.

Chris: Well Mike lots to talk about today. The Mets continue to be an enigma. You want to get excited about the

Yanks? Okay, but can they play a few good teams first? Where do you want to start Mike?

Mike: Wherever.

Chris: This idea that the Orlando Magic could win this series.

Mike: Dog, we got to start with the finale of American Idol.

Chris: Excellent point Mike!

Mike: Listen, they put on a great show last night, with Rod Stewart and Queen and Lionel and...

Chris: Ahh could ya please with the cursing Fergie? Come on.

Mike: Ryan, as always, does a great job hosting.

Chris: Excellent job Mike, excellent job.

Mike: Folks, if you think that Kris Allen is our American Idol then you're kidding yourself. Now I understand America was in a tricky spot with the rumors of Adam being gay and no question that hurt him a little. I understand the economy is bad. I understand Kris had more votes last week. But folks, Adam is a gamer.

Chris: TERRIBLE JOB by America Mike. TERRIBLE JOB! I mean this whole idea that Krissy is somehow better than Adam is absurd.

Mike: Listen folks, before we canonize Kris Allen, remember these guys who have fundamental flaws like Reuben Studdard and David Cook. Adam should have won this thing. And then we have to listen to the new golden boy sing that awful song that Kara wrote.

Chris: Pipe down Kara. Timmy could write a better song than that. And another thing Mike, do I need these girls running around naked on stage? I mean could ya please? I got Jeannie and the kids watching and I got these girls with nothing on.

Mike: Kris Allen cannot beat Adam Lambert. I'm sorry folks but that just can't happen. But listen FOX did a nice job with the show. Roe and I got a kick out of it. And listen they did a nice job with the broadcast so I'm not going to kill them, but how in the world do we NOT hear from the judges after the results! I mean COME ON FOX!!!! How do I not hear from Simon Cowell what he thought! Where's the postgame show?

Chris: Excellent point Mike. Excellent point.

Mike: I mean c'mon FOX! And listen I know Simon has been on a nice run, but how does he NOT come out to argue that CALL!!! Folks, they didn't just take a point off the board here, they robbed Lambert. How does Simon not protect his guy!!!! And there are reports of individuals making up to 100 text votes by themselves? If Fox doesn't clean up this competition, then it's going to be as relevant as the NHL. I already have to put up with Matt Vasgersian and Jeannie Zelasko. Now I have to put up with a voting system that is corrupt?


AwesomeSean said...

Vegas has listed this post as 1:1 to be post of the year.

Good job outta the GMan!

KBilly said...

I wouldn't watch America Idol if it was being held in my living room. My LIVING ROOM!

gman26 said...

Editor's note: This post sprung from me but was a collaborative effort with FTLT. We often contribute to each other's posts.

AwesomeSean said...

With some insider info, odds have jumped to 1:2...Someone just laid some heavy action!

KBilly said...

I didn't realize that Meathead from All in the Family directed everyone's favorite movie...

I actually caught A Few Good Men on a JetBlue flight last week and it holds up.

I also realized that Kevin Pollack played Weinberg and then turned around to play Hockney in Usual Suspects. He's a pretty good actor for a stand up comic.

Whatdoyouhave? said...

Haha great post here. Don't watch American Idol but impossible to escape it on the news this morning. Even just you guys writing mock transcript of Dog back in there makes me a bit nostalgic. Pathetic, I know. But I miss Dog!

Mike is pissing me off already today. Even why guys call up in a nice mood, non combative, Mike has to turn into him ripping on the callers and repeating 18 times that "You send Murphy to first and you see what happens. Murphy goes over there, you let him play. You let Sheffield play left for a while, see if he can keep on hitting. Put Sheffield out there and see what happens." Over and over. I couldn't take it

KBilly said...

Doggie is in the Meadowlands

KBilly said...

Oh Jeez. Dog is at the Meadowlands for a Bruce show.

Anonymous said...

Mike will find a way to throw cold water on the Bruce show tonight by saying that Bernie Williams is a better musician.

He'll than go onto to say that it's time for Bruce to break up the "core" of the E Street Band.

Mike is a Miserable guy.

BTW-- Great Post!!! It did make me miss the Dog though.


KBilly said...

Artie Lange on Doggie right now!

Ryan T. said...

Artie's hilarious, combined with ultra-conservative Russo... great spot.

Francesa's show hasn't been as entertaining as this 10 minutes in 9 months

Ryan T. said...

Artie: My good friend Norm McDonald, you know who he is right?

Mad Dog: Yea... the guy from Cheers!

First Time, Long Time said...

that's great..what did they talk about?

Whatdoyouhave? said...

Haha - great response by Doggie.

Dirty Work recently released on Ridiculous movie. love that one

gman26 said...

I see that wtsherman was in the house. East Cackalacky is sooo whack.