Monday, May 18, 2009


We have done predictions for Mike's talking topics on a day after big sporting events. This is no different in that we will solicit your answers as well.

1. First topic will combo the Yanks and Mets - "...Franceser on the Fan. Well, a good weekend for both area baseball teams."

2. Then a segue to Yanks three-straight walk off wins - "Maybe, just maybe, this will inject a little juice into the new Yankee stadium. This past weekend might just have put some life into this stadium, which before was like a morgue."

3. Mets win 3 out of 4 from Giants - "So the Mets(voice very unenthusiastic)took care of business in San Francisco with big offensive performances from Wright and Beltran, until they were shut down by Matt Cain last night. Pelphrey blew their chance to sweep with his three bawwlks. (starts chuckling) After the last bawwlk, (more laughing) he kicks the cleat cleaner(laughing) and almost falls down(more laughing). But hey, let's give the Mets a little credit. They have won 12 out of their last 16. Although the NL East is a bad division. " Continues on with any praise of the Mets qualified by minor criticism.

As an aside, how quickly into Russo's show will he bring up the Giants losing 3 out of 4 to the Mets? That was the one great thing about Russo being on the Fan. Since he was doing a New York show, he could only talk so much about the SF Giants before he realized that no one cared.

Also, who was listening to the ESPN broadcast last night? Terrible job out of them. First they spend 3 innings on the old story about who is the leader of the Mets. Then Steve Phillips brings up the Trade Reyes talk from 'New York talk radio'. I'm not a fan of Joe Morgan, but he clearly cut through all the bullshit and totally dismissed trading Reyes, Wright or Beltran for that matter. Wondering if Francesa was listening and will he bring this up.

Please give us your predictions for Mike's starting lineup ordered 1-3.


Anonymous said...

I've heard that the Mets won 3 out of 4 games this weekend but until I hear it from the "sports talk God" I refuse to believe it.

It is my understanding that Michael Patrick Francesa Jr. is still watching the replays in slow motion to decipher if the Mets really went 3-4 this weekend.

Mike may possibly decide that the Mets did'nt win those three games. Maybe they were the beneficiaries of phantom tags on double plays? Maybe the umpire had Lincecum pitch with weighted balls? Or is it possible that Mets management planted a Jeffrey Maier look a like in a kayak out in McCovey cove to intimidate Giants hitters?

No matter what went wrong in Met land this weekend Mike will let us know and he will put the appropriate "asterix" next to the win(s) he feels were undeserved.

Of course he will take the time to declare Pelfrey "bonehead" player of the week.

Mike will give the Yankees credit but probably show disappointment in the fact that the creme pie facials following the games were really just shaving cream.

Mike will voice his pleasure in the excitement surrounding the stadium this weekend with "regular Joes" being able to afford the good seats. I actually saw Donald Trump, Bill Oreily, Anthony Mason, and other low paid people sitting in the over sized lazy boys. Maybe the economy is getting better?

I look forward to 1pm!


Loki said...

You've already got the list ordered correctly. It will go 1...2...3

First Time, Long Time said...

And off we go throwing cold water on the Mets by just focusing on last night's loss...quite predictable. but I do agree with his questioning of manuel...

Anonymous said...

this blog is so f'ing boring.

First Time, Long Time said...

mike "we'll get to the game telecast in a little while" this is going to be great. This is where Mike excels. He will tear apart Phillips for saying the Mets should dump Beltran and he will kill Morgan for talking about what a great defensively player Wright is...this should be fun..

Loki said...

He is raping Phillips and Morgan. I love it.

"No wonder the Mets never won under Phillips."

Why the hell is he so angry?

First Time, Long Time said...

cause phillips is an ESPN guy and cause phillips went after Mike's golden boy on the mets - beltran

Anonymous said...

Good call FTLT!

Mike is angry because the Mets won 3 out of 4 and may prove his road trip prediction wrong.

I can't believe he had the nerve to call last nights telecast nonsense with all the crap that comes out of his mouth.


First Time, Long Time said...

leave it to Mike to turn 3 out met 4 wins against good pitching into more negative talk. kudos mike. well done.

Anonymous said...

Now Mike wants to reinvent sports broadcasting and bring in local talent for the game of the week.

I grew up with Monday night football and baseball. The system may not be perfect but it has worked just fine for all these years-- let it be Mike.

All this because someone said something nice about David Wright???