Friday, May 8, 2009

Booed Up

Few things bother Mike more than unnecessary celebrations, uncalled for fist pumps and badly announced games, but I'm quite certain that nothing gets under Francesa's skin more than the great Mariano being booed on his homefield. And last night that's exactly what happened. After allowing back-to-back homers to the Rays, the Yankee Stadium crowd let Mariano know how unhappy they were. By doing so, Yanks fans may have shifted the universe in Francesa's mind. For fans of the show LOST, this for Mike, is the equivalent of when Ben moved the island and time was thrown off. All hell broke loose. And I have a feeling that all hell is going to break loose today on Mike'd Up. Boo the bullpen. Boo Teixeira. Boo Cano. Boo Burnett. Boo Sabathia. But do NOT boo the great Mariano. This is what I think is coming today. Although I could be wrong and Mike just might make this show all about Yankee Stadium being a joke and a bandbox. He very well might go that route and deflect attention from Rivera coming up small in a very big spot. It should be interesting...


gman26 said...

Mike has started the show two days in a row by congratulating the Mets and then moving to the Yankees. It's incredibly patronizing. It's worse than a hand wave.

Loki said...

This is going to be a depressing day...

gman26 said...

For those of you who didn't get to listen to the Yank game last night, you're in luck. MIke is playing audio highlights of the loss.

gman26 said...

2:30 and not a word on any other sporting event or team minus the congrats to the Mets at the top of the show. As much as I love hearing Mike and Yankee fans squirm, this is boring. I think he has lost most of his steam/anger since Wednesday. He's a little punch drunk right now.

A quick aside - critiquing the morning/afternoon lineup on Mad Dog Radio:
Morning - Gary Williams - Good
Midday - The B Team - Awful
Afternoon - Mad Dog - Very good.

First Time, Long Time said...

Gman...what did Dog lead with today - NBA?

First Time, Long Time said...

this is great today. I am a mets fan but the yanks are only 2 games under .500 and Mike has a new GM for the team...even I realize that the Yanks will go on a sick run at some point and usually Francesa recognizes this too, but for some reason he has already quit on this Mariano needs a new pitch. jesus christ mike, talk about overreacting here.

gman26 said...

Dog is on vacation this week. the morning guy, Gary Williams is subbing.

Remember the first day of the year? When he told Mets and Yankee fans to calm down? Now he has caught the swine panic flu from a couple of bad Mariano outings.

Anonymous said...

This is just a recent example of Mikes unprofessionalism. It's a very long season!

He was all over the Mets and now after a small winning streak he ignores them and turns to the Yanks who have slipped below .500

A-Rod is back tonight and the Yanks will sweep the O's and Monday will be a new day.

The Yanks do have some minor problems but just look at the lineup they paid for. How can they ever lose???

I'm a Met fan and enjoying this week but I know the Yanks will turn on the light switch and go on a streak that will make Mets fans jealous.

Mike needs to relax and think about how he can bust on the Mets comes October.


AwesomeSean said...

Mike is actually pretty detached from his teams. I mean, the bias is obvious but I used think the rise or fall was not life or death for him. This year seems different. The Yankees are poorly constructed FTLT; they don't have to go on a streak. Really, they're sub-par in lots of spots. We'll see.

OTOH, Michael Kay sounded sincerely depressed calling the Crawford shot. That was beautiful.

AwesomeSean said...

JD...Same thing to you as FTLT. That streak may not be there. They may get < league avg production from:

- Catcher
- SS
- All 3 OF spots

Tough to win like that. 3b, 2b and 1b will be > league avg but for $200MM, this team sucks.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree AwesomeSean,

The Yankees have issues, weaknesses, and holes, but just look at that lineup on paper-- it is scary without a weakness until very late in the order and there pitching staff is just as good-- ON PAPER!

I do think that with there eyes closed that lineup will put on some crazy streaks but age is a factor that will bring on injuries to key spots.

After all that you have to factor in A-Rod who will find a way to put up incredible numbers yet by the end of the season you'll be hard pressed to find a Yankee fan with anything good to say about him since he'll find a way to destroy the teams yet to be found chemistry.

As far as Mike being detached from his Yankess-- No way and when Mike can't talk about his beloved boys from the Bronx he destroys all things Mets in order to make himself feel good. Mike disgusts me because of that.


AwesomeSean said...

JD...Maybe you're right about Mike and the Yanks and the Mets being pushed to the back. I think you're wrong on the line-up though. Lots of age makes for problems in a long season. Not a lot of young talent coming plus, prior to free agency, I think they'll have a hard time renting a player unless they trade Hughes or Cano. Cashman is a horrific GM even if he is only a figurehead.

Anonymous said...

We are somewhat in agreement AwesomeSean and some of my statements are a bit tongue in cheek regarding the Yankees lineup.

On paper it is a tremendous lineup, but age may be a huge factor this year. Just look at the issues created when Posada goes down and now questions surfacing about Mo. Cashman paid to put the best lineup in baseball on the field the question will be if they remain healthy enough to keep them on the field?

Their starting rotation looked great pre season on paper but Wang and Joba have showed signs of weakness and their bullpen has been a mess.

My Mets on the other hand did'nt pull the trigger on another big bat in the lineup and their rotation is basically non existent after Santana.

It could be a long season for fans of both teams? I just hope Mike reports on the true issues and covers both teams in a fair and balanced way.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! That did'nt take long!

One swing of the bat and A-Roid has his first HR of the season and 3 RBI's.

Wait till he gets to the new Yankee stadium!!! He'll have a seasons worth of HR's in a weekend series.

In all seriousness-- I'd love to have him on the Mets.


First Time, Long Time said...

JD..this is why I think Mike is going to look so foolish in a week or two when the Yanks win 8 out of 10...and then he will just pretend that he was never on the ledge in the first place..instead he will say "yankee fans were in panic mode" but not acknowledge that he was the leader of the pack..

Anonymous said...

No doubt FTLT!

The Yankees made last nights win look easy. That is what A-Roid brings back to the team- Big numbers, some easy wins, and long winning streaks. That (healthy) starting lineup should never lose a game!!!

The Yankees problems lie further down the road than the month of May when A-Roids strikeouts, hitting into double plays, stranding runners in scoring position, and off the field antics outweigh his homeruns and RBI totals.

As I said earlier I think the Yanks will sweep this series against the O's and Monday Fatso will have to change his tune a bit.


Whatdoyouhave? said...

Some good stuff from mike so far. Loved how he had to sneak in a mention of McClouth earlier just completely out of nowhere. And of course he just had to pay Wright a backhanded compliment by saying he's a "very nice player" but then going on to name other third basemen he thinks is better