Friday, May 1, 2009

OMG! This is gonna SUCK!

I am just thinking about what's been going on in the sports world of late and am realizing that today will be a terrifically painful afternoon of radio on the Fan for most of the lurkers of this blog.  Let's list some reasons:

- NYY are on a roll and have their young studs putting up back to back gems.  Mike is going to make Joba and Hughes out to be better than the 2006 versions of Bonderman and Verlander.
- NYM are in a slide and going to Philly for the weekend.  Mike is going to pontificate on the gravity of this series and he'll be egged on by the idiot callers screaming for Wright's departure.  It's enough to make you puke.
- The Kentucky Derby.  A big portion of this show, I bet, will be dedicated to "the most exciting two minutes in sports" today.  Mike will be spouting off about mudders, speed horses and closers all day.  He'll handicap the race and name drop for hours.  It's enough to make you puke. 
- CHI/BOS series is going to a 7th game.  I don't watch much NBA but this series has certainly caught my attention.  OT games, scraps, momentum shifts and the like have made this series very interesting.  Sadly, we won't get analysis from Mike as he'll only be bemoaning his being "totally wrong on this one" over and over again.  We got it Mike, you whiffed this one.  It's no big deal.  If you didn't fire Sal, on the spot, after he declared D. Wade the best player in the NBA, I suppose we should cut you some slack as the NBA is clearly not your area of expertise.  
- M from M will definitely get a call in there today.

So, that's what I think we have to look forward to today.  Full disclosure:  I think horse racing is stupid but I will watch the Derby and I'll wager on it.  It's only two effin minutes, after all.  The rest of this show is basically par for the course.  Yankees are coming on strong and the Mets are choking.  This is nothing new but it will also allow Mike to sweep to ARod stories under the carpet.  That works for me because that story is boring, Selena Roberts is a hack and the Daily News wishes it were The Post.

OK...Let's se how this show shakes out.  As I think about it, Barkley may make an appearance and that's usually a pretty good spot.


Loki said...

Barkley is always entertaining, so you can count on that to break the boredom. Being a Yankee fan myself, I do not mind Mike raving on these past few wins. I also hope that he spends time on last night's game. It has turned into a classic series.

First Time, Long Time said...

please no Joe Drape interview today...talking the Derby will possibly spur Mike to make his first Saratoga mention of the year..."everyone must go to Saratoga Springs at least once in their life"....

gman26 said...

A very dubious distinction, but I have actually seen Francesa at Saratoga. The funny thing is that I like the horses, but I don't like the talk about the horses. But Lukas will probably be on today.

Anonymous said...

This is a bad weekend for fatso. Last year he went in for 1/3 of a major 2 year old that cost him 250,000 dreaming of a derby horse.

The horse has beeen a total flop hadn't broke its maiden after 5 try's will be lucky to be a 20 claimer. The trainer of this pig was Fatso buddy D. Wayne.