Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Best Weekend of the Year (Delayed)

Some people think it's Masters Weekend, others think it's the start of the NCAA tournament and still others think it's NFC/AFC Championship weekend. Me? I think it's the first Saturday in May. Baseball is in full swing, the Derby is on and there's usually a big fight. This past weekend fit that bill and it was as badass as ever.

Mets played the Phils, Yanks played Anaheim, the Derby was run and Manny Pac laid waste to my beloved Hitman. All in all, a better weekend could not be had for a sports fan.

I missed most of Mike's show yesterday so I don't know what he touched upon. Did he spend time on the A-Rod book? Did he speak about the NYY comeback on Friday night? Was it a seminal moment? Does he anticipate a coming together for the team? Did he deride the Mets performance on Saturday and question the Perez signing again? I'm pretty sure he spent time on the Derby. Did he give the winner credit or did he call it a fluke. Did he offer any insight that only an "insider" could provide? Did he even mention Manny Pac? Did he know there was a fight?

Now it's Tuesday and the Mets played a good game and the Yanks played a poor one will his opinions change? Is it nice to see Tex break out of his slump even though the Yanks are now 0-4 against the Sawx? Will be blast the Yanks for locking paying fans out of the game even though the stadium was at about 35% capacity?

Will he give Heyman a spot today so he can spread some more news on various Boras clients including this guy?


Whatdoyouhave? said...

Wow Mike is on his high horse today ripping on the callers and sounding as above other people as possible. Vintage Francesa. Def pissed off about the Yanks loss, and that is most likely causing his annoyance

41 said...

Spending all his time praising Yankees for throwing at Red Sox. Same thing the Devil Rays did when they sucked. And same thing Mike/Hank did last year when Farnsworth and Hawkins threw at guys with abandon.

How about actually winning a game against a good team?

Whatdoyouhave? said...

He's ripping into the Yanks right now and ripping into the Yanks fan. Big Mike is fed up with Red Sox dominating

Anonymous said...

This blog is so 2008.

gman26 said...

Trading Bronson Arroyo away was a huge mistake by the Red Sox according to the Pope.

'Dreadful' is how he put it. He also said that Arroyo had two 15 win seasons. Wrong. He has one 15 win season, along with two 14-win seasons. Bronson is 75-71 lifetime. A nice pro. since they traded him the Sox have done all right.